Xing Tianyu and nfl football story

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Great master of motion

How did I get into football? That’s flag football!

Remember that I just entered the university campus, ignorant, I am eager to find their destination in a strange University campus. Since I was young, I am a sports loving person, especially for the big game against the fierce. The primary and middle schools represent the schools, the regional matches of football, basketball and volleyball, the city matches and the provincial competitions. Exercise is naturally my first choice.

That’s it. I saw a sport I never tried in school: rugby. I still remember the first time I got a football, the first pass is a straight line to fly past, perhaps this is the fate and talent, and at the beginning to participate in them, I found that football is not what I have imagined the heavy gear, fierce collision, it is replaced by a belt hanging above the two pull the flag with flags, instead of the fierce collision, I felt a little disappointed.

NFL Xing Tianyu

But I continued, and after a period of contact, I found that everything was far from simple. Even if there is no collision and protective gear, competition is very fierce, opponents are also very strong, skill is very fine here I began to harvest a lot, harvest, harvest the basic skills of football in Acer olivaceum in the circle of contacts and gain a sincere friendship, gain recognition team also gain a touchdown. In order to keep improving, besides my constant training, I began to watch a lot of NFL games, try to understand more advanced competition, and make me more desire.

As a result, I began to participate in all equipment rugby training, and the rich waist flag experience gave me solid basic skills. Extensive physical nfl jerseys online training also allows me to adapt quickly to the new strength, after I became the tournament organizer, become a large number of referees, accumulated a lot of experience, and eventually became a football commentator.

It can be said that everything is starting with the simple “flag football jerseys china”

Even today

In addition to commentary and extensive research

I still participate in full equipment rugby training

But at the same time, also with my new friends together to play flag football

That’s my first football experience. What’s your story like?

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