Why is NFL so hot in America?

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2017 season NFL regular season officially started. Defending champion New England Patriots at home to usher in the United States West Kerry Kansas chiefs of the challenge, the final patriots unexpectedly to 27-42 loss to the chiefs, brutally opened the door black.

Opener scene

Although the weight of the opener can not be compared with the Super Bowl, but after a lapse of more than seven months after the first official nfl game jerseys or let the fans have long been tempted excitement. According to the practice of each game before the start will be invited to live on the live singing the national anthem, and the opening of the election is naturally of concern. This year, this task is the new Grammy Award winner (Maren Morris). Before the game she had said that regardless of the rain she will sing the national anthem, the final public for the United States, let her successfully complete singing.

NFL’s high degree of concern

In the past ten years, NFL opener ratings grew year after year, from 2009 onwards, the number of people is never less than 20 million. And suction gold super Bowl is Needless to say, in the history of the US television ratings of the top 20, there are eighteen seats belong to the Super Bowl. Why is the NFL tournament so fascinating? You can see the division of labor under the precise tactical execution, but also can enjoy the Superstar turn the tide of a blow to win, can be described as the perfect combination of collectivism and personal heroism, to meet everyone’s deep desire for the game.

NFL’s historical turning point

The great success of the NFL dates back to the distant 1960s, when Pete Rozelle, the president of the league, became two big events. First, in the name of the entire Union and television station has become a large broadcast contract. With the popularity of television in the 1950s, watching TV became the simplest way to entertain the American people. Rozel persuaded Congress to pass the “Sports Television Broadcasting Act” in 1961, allowing the NFL to sign as a whole and television. And then the league according to the team’s record, market value and other factors on the television broadcast costs re-distribution. This move to NFL all of a sudden in the television broadcast has taken the initiative, ahead of other professional sports league and college league. In this way, the wonderful game is no longer limited to diehards fans to the scene watch, but whether you are true love, you can choose to watch before the TV. Another big thing is to merge with AFL, creating a super Bowl era. AFL was the biggest competitor of the NFL, in order to compete for the players also led to the players wages rise, the final two league agreement in 1966, in 1970, the formal completion of the merger. From the 1966 season, the two league champions and then a cross-league final, Super Bowl will be born. 1970 NFL and AFL formal merger, also have today belong to the NFL NFC (National League) and AFC (AP), and the Super Bowl has officially become the top league of the annual finals.

Cheerleaders apart from the scenery

If in addition to the intense competition, what can be on the pitch to attract everyone’s eyes, that natural non-cheerlead is none other than. Young and vibrant, always put a confident smile on the face, perhaps the first impression of the cheerleaders. Of course, if it is NFL stadium level cheerleaders, must also add the four words of sexy hot. nike nfl jerseys They week through careful training rehearsal, trying to show the best state on the pitch. Different games, they will change the different dance style, and sometimes with the guests will perform together. In addition to training, cheerleaders members often participate in community charity activities, both to help the team propaganda and dedication of their own love. In fact, and the player selection, to become a cheerleaders have to go through layers of screening, only the best to stay in the team. Become a member of the NFL team cheerleaders is also the dream of countless young girls and the pursuit.

Rugby culture is deeply rooted

For those who have had a study or working life experience in the United States, they are often frightened by the cheap nfl jerseys enthusiasm of the local people at the beginning. Community culture is one of the essence of American culture, and football will be one of the important part. From the high school team to the college team to the professional team, watching the game to support their own local or home team has long been part of our daily life. One to the match day, everywhere can be seen wearing the team dress men and women old and young. From the race time, high school football is generally on Friday, the University Football Competition (NCAAF) on Saturday, while the Professional Rugby Race (NFL) is on Sunday, for many people it is simply football weekend. We not only meet in the name of the game, but also in the next few days or even longer, the content and results of the game is also an essential topic. Support the team to win exciting, lose is very depressing. Obviously and their immediate interests are not directly related, but the fans is so unreasonable, because the support of the team has long been integrated into the blood.

In addition to watching the game, personally participate in the sport is also essential. Let the children come into contact with football, is a natural choice. Participate in rugby training, not only to train people’s teamwork ability, but also forging the will of people’s quality. On the pitch, you have to train hard to improve their technical level, to understand the tactical layout of the learning coach and be implemented, and teammates to communicate effectively with the division of labor, to learn to win the pride is not discouraged. And from small to large, we all cherish the opportunity to join the football team. Although most of the high school players are destined to miss high levels of college competitions, they feel and reap when they think of their rugby experience.


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