Who’s the strongest quarterback?

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And no one can fear the Iceman Ge Brady

The official season is less than 2 days old, and it’s important for both new and old fans to find a favorite player and a favorite team. As a soul of a team, quarterback naturally gets the admiration and admiration of many fans. Today we introduce the three big quarterback (league name) in the active league:

Tom brady:

Little Thomas – Edward Brady (yes, this is Brady’s name), in the fifty-first Super Bowl lead the new England patriots against Atlanta falcons cheap jerseys nfl victory by shaking reversal. Tom Brady as future Hall of Famer, his life can be used to describe the legend. In 2000 by the new England patriots in the sixth round of the 199 overall pick, came into the League to get this evaluation: “Brady is not strong, too thin, lack of body structure strength good enough, not flexible and unable to escape the sacks, arm, throw out the real high-speed rotation of ball, it is easy to be.” It is in the various questioning gods that the wonder boy begins his magical journey. It is said that Brady’s ball quotient is very high, but also very perseverance, often familiar with research teams, in the first season after the 7 kg weight gain, improve the speed and accuracy of the ball. 2001 since the original quarterback Brady injured, sit on the starting position, this ride is 17 years. It can be said as long as Billy Brady and a partner, will have the possibility to win the patriot. 2002, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2015, 2017, seven times led into the super bowl, 5 times won the championship trophy, 10 selected star bowl, deserve the football world’s Michael – Jordan. In 2009, with the world’s first supermodel Giselle – Brazil Bundchen married. It can be said that career, love, double harvest. No wonder the outside constantly came: Tom Brady was a good man, but I hate him! This is clearly capitalized envy, jealousy, hatred ah. In February 5, 2017 the new England patriots in the third quarter 28-3 25 points behind, Brady led to spare no effort to catch up 34-28 to win the final game, writing his myth. The new season starts, take a look at G.O.A.T (Tom Brady) can bring us what kind of surprise?.

Aaron Rodgers:
Ave Maria Ge, a shot of the know is an old traveller. Almost every year there is hail Marie pass the Ge in 2005 24 in the first round pick by the packers selected, and led the Steelers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in forty-fifth Super Bowl champion, Rodgers also won the title of MVP. Meanwhile, Rodgers is the record holder for 1500 or more quarterback ratings, a record drop pass (1.80%), and a season quarterback. Arm amazing, accurate passing, the pace of flexibility, wide vision, high ball quotient, NFL official website to evaluate this “Rodgers told you the bad news, Rodgers in his pocket, and then tell you the bad news, Rodgers ran out of pocket!”. It is worth mentioning that after last season, the Green Bay a four game losing streak record of 4 wins and 6 losses, only three teams in history and then 4-6 this record into the playoffs six game winning streak. Rodgers in the eleventh week news conference of the RUN THE TABLE (national audience that we can control), after a run of six consecutive wins to lead the Green Bay into the playoffs, and the way to the National League finals, Hanfu Atlanta falcons. Only Aaron and Rodgers can compete with Tom Brady in the active quarterback.

Matt lane:

Matt Ryan, the nickname iceman, 2008 3 in the first round pick by the Atlanta falcons selected, in recent years it is the core of Atlanta quarterback, but there has been no improvement in what, on the first big alliance meet Julio Jones, a defense group is not good. Although the “tough guy” training camp to show his leadership, and prove their first fully deserve Falcons quarterback, but by the “Curse” is a tough training camp for three consecutive years starting from 2013 and missed the playoffs. Matt Ryan personal NFL rookie of the year in 2008, and four times in the occupation bowl, and win the first peak of its own in 2016, “the NFL most valuable player of the year”, “the NFL’s most valuable player”, “the best quarterback, led the Atlanta falcons beat Rodgers in the League of nations in cheap football jerseys the final lead the Green Bay into the super bowl. Before the Patriots coach Billy chick evaluated 100% of the praise given Ryan: “he did everything very well, before kick-off in command of the defense group reading and transformation tactics, the key moment of the long distance passing in and passing the ball in time and pass an emergency are doing very well in his excellent athletic ability, can escape the impact of his, everything is good.” All of the new season to maintain the original Falcon based core, Matt Ryan also comes at a time when the play, that he had better performance in the next few years, to be among the league leaders in quarterback.

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