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NFL- packers 17-9 win over the Seahawks get the new season opener

The packers and the Seahawks season opener in Wisconsin Green Bay ranbow stadium started. Before the game, the packers took turns as captain in the regular season, selecting Aaron, Rodgers, Morgan, Burnett, and Mason Crosby as offensive teams, defensive teams, and secret service team leaders. Attacking front, the right side of the injured T Bulaga starting position by Kyle Murphy instead.

Competition process:

The opening Seahawks return to nearly forty yards. Packers defensive strong, Nick Perry two on the final Wilson Seahawks quarterback sacks. The packers offense, to close to each other in the red zone, Seahawks Nazair Jones direct interception return touchdown pass and Rodgers. However, due to the Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane steals back over Adams of exon 17 of the packers during extremely rough boxing movements (throwing a punch), is directly ejected, also made the touchdown blown invalid. The Seahawks offense but three out, punter outstanding performance to the packers 2 yard line. The packers won several times after the first attack three out. The Seahawks continue to three out of punt to the 12 yard line.

At the beginning of the second, the packers moved into midfield, but the protection on the right side was never very good, and Rodgers was killed by Bennet. After the Seahawks punt 20 yards to attack, scored a first attack after the punt to the packers 5 yard line, the packers road run open only to punt. Wilson was almost killed, the Seahawks punt. Rodgers was killed in the case, the completion of the two key third conversion, but failed to enter the scoring area, punt. Seahawks broke out, one run to the packers before, kick 3 points. The end of the first half, the Seahawks 3:0 packaging industry.

At the start of the second half, the center Linsley missed the ball and sent the kill. The packers abandoned and kicked each other 20 yards. The packers defense again play off first, Mike Daniels and Perry combined with sacks back 10 yards, then Mike Daniels manufacturing Wilson dropped the ball! The packers directly on the other side of prostitution line began to attack Montgomerie directly into the other end, a touchdown. The Seahawks 3:7 packers.
Seahawks offensive to promote the packers end before Wilson Graham, green bay packers jerseys onlinethe packers cornerback suspected foul was not blowing, kick three points. The Seahawks 6:7 packers.

The pack team attacked, and Rodgers took advantage of 12 men on the field to hit a Free Play and pass it on to Jordy Nelson! The Seahawks 6:14 packers.

Seahawks offensive three gear conversion, Graham butter hand, conversion failed. Packers Montgomerie played brilliantly, with the belt running and attacking the half court. Rodgers was under pressure and Adams failed to finish the one handed shot. Mason Crosby forty yard free kick score. The Seahawks 6:17 packers.

The three wave of rapid advance to pass the Seahawks packers 30 yards. The packers rookie cornerback Kevin King key a key defensive and safety Morgan Burnett let the Seahawks touchdown attempt failed, the Seahawks kick scored, the Seahawks 9:17 packaging industry.

Packers spend time by road attack. Near end Martellus Bennett scored a key lead, the game into the last two minutes, the official suspension. Seahawks consumes all suspended final packers to time runs out, to 17:9 hard won the first match.

Player data:

The packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers 42 from 28 in 311 yards, a touchdown pass a interceptions, scoring 86.5. WR Randall green bay packers nfl jerseys Cobb Jordy Nelson the ball 85 yards, 79 yards with a touchdown, running back Ty Montgomery19 rushed the ball 54 yards for a touchdown receptions for 39 yards.

Russell Wilson27 from the Seahawks quarterback in 14 to take the ball 158 yards, scoring 69.7. The former packers run the Eddie Lacy5, the second serve only 3 yards.

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