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The weekend happened who say that we for sale to see an article nfl jerseys free shipping have no way called “poor and difficult child”, this is a HR to write the story on the Internet very fire. Due to a very shangougou I am from Jiangxi where is from a poor family, so the title will attract me, especially in the country (from rural) story, and the author of the story of the baby brother brother (because after two girlfriends home background different, cause the baby brother life), indeed people is totally different feeling.

The story is very real, real will let some people despair of life; the story is very realistic, reality will ruin some people dream; the story is very cruel, cruel to you will think of the Shanghai Maritime Univeristy law school graduate Yang Yuanyuan Dutch act: “words can not change the fate of knowledge.”

After reading “the poor family hard very depressed mood child” this article. A poor man for a relative life may not have a famous dandy’s words are, therefore, I go online to search for the “poor college students in the way?” Not found, it does not matter, a more frustrating, no one can find the way to poor college students practical guidance. The content is either to argue that rural children are not supposed to read the University (both admitted to the University, but also what, or is the argument) harmony and fair poor college students in the social way of sustenance. This paper, not only to the poor students to help, it will make us more resentment of this society, more about jerseys nfl Free Shipping our psychological growth.

A poor student, the pain

A poor family to college students is how not easy. In my case, when I was in primary school, from the beginning of the village primary school conditions are very backward, high school is the area worst high school. And I have to do a few points higher than the key results admitted to the University, which hard, only self-knowledge. We are from the kind of environment are bounced out, not easy.

After graduating from college, not only no background, but also confused soul. But in the eyes of parents, but it is high school students began to pay than relatives, compared with the development of. Once in the time, at a disadvantage, parents will blame us not to blame, blame wasted so much money for us to read.

Good units forever and we have nothing to do, those monopoly industries, those central enterprises, those institutions will always have a variety of relationships and huge social resources enjoyed by the city. Maybe someone will mention once a year known as the fair of the civil service exam, but for the huge bureaucracy, it out of open competition position is not too much, but jerseys different nfl size even so few jobs, but also often broke some internal recruitment scandal. In the course of employment, we are more single-handed hard to break. You may also worry about their jobs, will be broken at any time, earn money to feed themselves is not, let alone to repay no parents support our study.

I was never proud of, only enrollment, pipeline operations like issuing diplomas in addition to his alma mater, the seriousness of the poor college students called on us to put down the face, put down, put up, and no college education of primary and middle school students of migrant workers brothers grab food to eat, do not suggest that he a wisdom.

In the process of integration into the city, we bought more than city children can not afford housing, we have no family can pay Shoufu, we can not old real bottom, we don’t even have a neet qualification, we can only in the soaring housing market, far behind. As a result, after the belief in knowledge to change the fate, but reluctantly found that the real change of fate may not be knowledge.

When we want to leave the city, want to return to the countryside, but found that we can not go back to the countryside. Not only the account can not return to the rural household, and our jerseys nfl different color bodies can not fatherly hand shoulder. If you really want to take care of their parents “in the name of mountain village, not only parents will be puzzled and angry (for rural parents of our university bear bitter hardships, absolutely not to be able to return to the countryside to take care of them, but we should be strong in the city based), there is no doubt that more folks will see us as a from their mouth” useless “!

Suddenly understand the suicide of Shanghai Maritime Univeristy law school graduate student Yang Yuanyuan, and we are born in rural areas, and we do not lack the courage, like we lack of just hope! Only she chose to die, and we have to choose humble life!

Two, poor college students should do?

Since we chose a humble life! What should we do?

Poor college students do not have a “reliable” Daddy, must not really change the fate? Fate is as the bank HR said, “wolf how, depends entirely on the wolf? Certainly not, the reason for this conclusion, because he can come into contact with the vision, mostly with the relationship between the host. China fortunately there are some areas, not by relationships, but rely on strength speak.

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