Where’s the patriot’s new season?

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Edelman confirmed the season’s reimbursement and was injured

U.S. local time on Saturday afternoon, the new England patriots announced that the main team wide receiver Julian Edelman because of all the games of the NFL2017 season will be the absence of right knee injury. Edelman left the game in the first leg of the pre-season season against the Detroit lions on Friday night. Although the Patriot team official did not disclose Edelman’s detailed diagnosis, but according to reliable sources, Edelman’s specific injury for the right knee anterior cruciate ligament tear.

The Patriots headed quarterback Tom Brady on Saturday in a personal Instagram posted a photo of him and Edelman hold pictures, and in a word describing the Edelman image in his mind: fighter!

Edelman completed a two-year contract with the Patriots in June this year. Since 2013, he has finished the 436 catch (including playoff) with the Patriots, and has led any other player in the team over the same period. (the ball number second at the same time the tight end rob Gelon ‘years behind the 187)

We can be sure that Tom Brady lost his most rely on the ball players. Edelman occupation career and completed a total of 397 times the Brady air line, ranked third patriots history. Since 2009 Nianaideerman played for the Patriots since Edelman in the tournament, the Patriots made 84 wins 19 of the negative record. (. 81.6%) when the team lost Edelman when their record of only 15 wins and 10 losses. (. 60%)

So, in the face of the cruel reality Edelman season, how the Patriots will complete the offensive adjustment?

First of all, a point we must affirm that Edelman is indeed the Patriots offensive group a great player, but if Edelman can not play, the team still has a lot of quality players to replace his position.

The Patriots of the macro adjustment policy will be similar in recent years and the tight end rob Gelon ‘missing cheap jerseys mlb games strategy. In view of understanding and trust in the last 8 years Edelman and quarterback Tom Brady accumulated, no player can simply replace Edelman on the technical and tactical position. Brady said in an interview with the media described his relationship with Edelman: “we have been fighting together for many years. On the pitch, we’re full of chemistry with each other. Edelman is a great addition and a great teammate.”

As previously stated, Edelman is headed outside the Patriots took over, and Tom Brady at the critical moment of the a passing object of trust. His absence will make Chris – Hogan and Brandon – the first foreign promotion team took over for cousteau. Veteran Danny – Amen, followed by two people, locked a team third took over the seat. While the second grade students Malcolm suffered knee injuries due to mecherle, still not sure of his playing time in the new season, so only ranked fourth.

No accident, the Patriots will be very careful to use Danny – Dora, to prevent him from suffering injuries. (in season 2016, Dora participated in the team’s 23.8% offensive.) in the fifty-first super bowl against the Atlanta falcons, Amen proved a fact. He is in the team is struggling moment, the man most close to the edelman. In other words, in the moment of life and death, the trust for Amendola, no less than the trust for Edelman.

In addition to several of the candidates mentioned above, 2 – year – old German – Lucien and non draft free agent Austen – Carle can also provide a timely supplement to the Patriots’ outside team.

As the patriots have shown the season’s main attack players season reimbursement, the team in cheap nfl jerseys the offensive side of the rest of the position, but also always maintain plenty of firepower. Ran Wei, good at catching James – White, Rex – Burke head, Duhem Lewis, and DJ- Forster are likely to become the Tom Brady pass target. The patriots may be able to double their running team this season.

In the proximal position of the front, rob Kowski and Dwayne Marcus Allen will be a combination of extraordinary strength. “We don’t expect to see teammates fall on the floor, especially players like Julian,” told the press after the game ended on Friday night. I hope everything is OK with him. ”

After missing the Patriots 2015 season due to the second half of the game pace of fracture, Edelman has prior to the 2016 season set the attendance goals for the season. Last year, he was proud to achieve this goal, in all the teams for the game, away from the injury attack. So this season’s release was a huge blow for Edelman himself and for the patriots. We all know the value of the Patriots for edelman. At the same time, we are also fortunate that the team’s offensive team has overcome many similar conditions. In the absence of Gelon as Koski last season, they can win the super bowl, the Patriots also have the ability to record high, through the 2017 season this not the edelman.

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