“We are fans” jerseys Episode 2

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The family quarrel with each other for their jersey

In the episode “our fans”, the Chicago bears 250 stands of the beer vendors Terry led us to do a short tour in the United States third largest city of Chicago, the shuttle in Chicago with us through the high streets and back lanes, Chicago people love for the bears, and the eight episode Long Documentary in the protagonists are greeted accidentaly across, and finally bring us into a series of historic Chicago soldiers stadium, experience of the Chicago bears against the Philadelphia hawks exciting opener. Maybe it just like a tour itinerary will make you feel good, after a week of waiting, come and see a new episode of “we” fans will give us what a wonderful story, and little touched those ordinary and great.

As fans, every one of us are more or less have multiple identities: in the sports world, you may be the heart belongs to a team, became his loyal fans, for victory and cheered for the failure and frustration; but in the family, you may be a good husband, good father, good son, good wife, good wife, good mother, protect their family and enjoy the happiness of a family union; and in the social work, you may be a businessman, driver, lawyer, general staff, with their hard work achieved some remarkable achievements or he won the respect of the people. Chicago bears 250 stands of season ticket holders also like us, have multiple identities, will also face many practical problems. A good story is bound to have ups and downs of the story, always full of tension drama conflict. And such a documentary about the fans, contradictions and conflicts between fans who are most likely to appear, than when the conflict between real life and the game, as fans and the choice of how to decide on what path to follow.

The wedding of Schafer and Feng Xi in front of the met in dating site in Starbucks under the first line to meet young lovers fell in love is for the wedding banquet seating headache. The groom Schafer super fans, the seating chart, the problem is not too serious, even gave him a headache is the wedding day there may be sixth games of the Chicago cubs and the Losangeles Dodgers in the National League finals, but the game will likely determine the fate of the cubs, related to whether they can reach to the world the contest, to get a golden opportunity to mlb jerseys china do a round 108 years championship (Chicago cubs last win was over 108 years ago, when China in Guangxu period, so the domestic some people say the cubs for Guang Xuxiong).

A wedding is such a life in the solemn and grand moment, one side is a great victory in team history class beloved waiting for his testimony, perhaps for a non fans, the importance of a wedding apparently there is no doubt that this simply can not seem to constitute a choice, but for a super fans, the it is no solution to the dilemma. You can not have it both ways, it reminds me of the classic piece: the bride asked the groom, and your mother and I fell into the water you save first? (laughs) in front of the camera, the groom in the wedding Schafer said he might be tempted to find a TV set to celebrate the victory, while the bride and Feng admitted that it is self-evident for the importance of your wedding, if the groom to distraction ran about the game, they will be very, very, very angry. Schafer was brave to see the other side of the screen and I sweat, if I’m in the wedding so dry, my wife will throw a ball and you’re still married life. “Leave me alone in the wind messy… How will such a dangerous wedding end? Really make nosy I look forward to.

Friends who want to know more about Rugby culture and even the American culture of the game must not miss the highlights of this episode. In this episode, we will follow Schafer to Tangsaier home tailgate (before the match in the parking lot barbecue party). Tailgate is a very important part of the American football culture, not only in NFL jerseys, in college football, dress unique tent, unique flavor of the barbecue food, the tailgate is also of every hue each school each team in a beautiful landscape. Even at the University Football Hall of fame, you can also see the most famous exhibit of tailgate in the United states. There is no way to go to the United States to see the ball also never mind, in the episode with the camera and Schafer, you will be able to experience personally on the scene the unique culture charm, especially Tangsaier 40 super team tailgate even invited Schafer also be startled at. Considering the Tangsaier family only 4 tickets, but 40 people gathered together a large team on the pitch, so I had participated in the tailgate eye-opening.

In the end of this episode, the second home court game bears will also usher in their season opponents, with star quarterback Staffordshire Detroit lions. In the losing team can bear rally, first win of the season to harvest home court official track? Over the past six to face the lions but without victory, the team can bear Lion War Bear revenge? Let’s go into the 250 grandstand of the soldier’s stadium. The focus campaign is about to start.

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