Watson’s operation was smooth

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During the recovery, still participate in the activities of the team

Houston, rookie of Dezhou, four point guard Sean – Watson will undergo surgery today. According to the latest news, Watson’s operation was successful.

De Sean Watson shared his videos on the hospital bed listening to music and playing “call of duty” on Instagram, and wrote: “the operation was successful! On the first day after his injured news, Watson also promised that he would return to the game in a better way, ready to win the championship with the Dezhou people. “I promise I’ll keep working, just for the team to win the championship one day.”. When I come back, I will be better, stronger and more focused than before! It’s more difficult than it is now..”

Just last Thursday, a thunderbolt broke the dream that you had unlimited expectations of Dezhou people this season. Houston, rookie of Dezhou, four point guard Sean Watson tore the anterior cruciate ligament during the team’s training and will miss all the remaining matches of the season. Today by the team doctor Dr. Lowe Department of orthopedics surgery.

Coach Bill OBrien said: “it seems that this very good Lowe said, everything is going well.” He also said that although Watson is now recovering from injury, he will still be involved in other activities of the team. Watson will be able to communicate with his teammates and coaches in the next few weeks and months, and also use some facilities to help him recover. “He’s not going to be on the court this week, but he’s still involved. He is in a meeting, he is a good communicator. He’s a real football player. He likes to play with his teammates. He’s a winner.”

Obrien and the team will continue to give Watson a game every night, and talk to Watson and the quarterback about the upcoming rivals and feasible or infeasible tactical tactics. Quarterback coach Sean Ryan said: “we will continue to improve our performance, and continue to improve, continue to consolidate everything we do.”. His recovery is good, and once he comes back, we can play better. We need to keep a positive attitude and focus on the future, because our future is obvious, and it’s worth looking forward to.”

Ryan also said that Watson would often appear at quarterback meetings and offensive meetings, and he would continue to watch as much video as possible and try to give the team a bit more strength. “I think it’s a critical moment for him to do rehabilitation, and now it’s completely mentally restored. Obviously his injuries haven’t been that fast. He’s watching some video of the game. As long as he can start doing some normal physical activity, he can start training in other ways. When is he will return.”

Watson, the champion of the University, has broken many rookie quarterback records in a month and is the most powerful contender for the best rookie of the season. When he was on the court, he could activate the attack team of the Dezhou people, but the Dezhou people were not in a hurry. He could return to the court as soon as possible, but he was healthy and was in a better condition to attack the championship.

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