Vikings counter attack four wins

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The coach wants to get back to the bench

The flight from London to Minnesota, the end of the Viking soldiers will bring a good mood to celebrate the season before the second half of the game, the Vikings in London in a 33-16 victory over the Cleveland team Brown, before entering the bye week successfully won the four game winning streak and a wave row in the League of Nations North first place. Aaron Rodgers – after the season, the Vikings to the division championship road has never been so clear, but even now the Vikings are in a gratifying situation, they also have to face some troubles.

Keith Keenan as the fifth victory at the Minnesota Vikings starting quarterback has scored a personal season, although the game in the first half Keith Keenan’s performance is not perfect, he made a number of mistakes in the first half of the game against Brown, but in the second half, Keith Keenan to lead him rushing touchdowns – wave Jessica ‘s Mackinnon and Kell Rudolf – a ball offensive touchdown attack, helped the Vikings successfully defeated Cleveland Brown team, four consecutive harvest.

So far, Keith Keenan played in 7 games, a total of 7 touchdowns came 3 steals, passing success rate of 64.2% great, since Sam – Bradford Keith Keenan is injured, a step by step to the Vikings pulled up on the top of the partition.

Although Keith Keenan performance is very good, but this does not mean that Keenan is a Vikings starting quarterback in the coming weeks, bye, the Vikings will not consider the contribution made by Keith Keenan today as the Vikings, the team will be on the first draft of Sam Bradford, the return from injury and Bree jiwote Keith Keenan for the inspection and evaluation of the quarterback. For this, Mike, the head coach of the Vikings, said Zimmer was very strange, and he seemed to have no confidence in the case of Keenan, who was outstanding at the moment.

“I hope I can make a choice, but I still can’t make a choice, we will have the team next week two days training, we will evaluate all the matters, Keith Keenan is currently doing an incredible, he could do anything we asked him to do, he maintained a shock. We will solve some problems as soon as possible, and I hope I will make a choice as soon as possible.”

This is a sad news for Keith Keenan, rather than Bradford or the Keith jiwote Bree, Keenan even can only be called a “grass root”, he was elected in the General Assembly on the draft, after the team, but almost no down in a team last season he was stable, as the Losangeles rams the team’s starting quarterback, but after several extremely brutal game, Keith Keenan was again the team to give up, and in the Vikings, Keenan can be said to be playing career by far the best performance in the 7 games, he is a high level of NFL. Lead the team to win. But if the Vikings don’t trust Keenan can keep this state, in the past performance, Keenan absolutely cannot compete in Bradford, according to Zimmer jiwote Bree, discourse, the coach seems to have more confidence had excellent experience rather than a quarterback, like Keenan has been obscure grassroots quarterback.

But for Keith Keenan, the good news is that Bradford played after high optical performance has been a knee injury in the season opener, according to today’s performance, Bradford bad body may have lost their starting quarterback position, and just back from the training time is certainly not a brie jiwote boarded the first so, although the Vikings will make the evaluation of the quarterback, but between the current Keith Keenan state and the remaining two quarterback body, first bound or Keith Keenan, Keenan hopes to keep the current status, so he counter attack story may create a player who fly the branches become the Phoenix. Grassroots.

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