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HBO produced, it must be a boutique! When it comes to HBO TV networks, the first thing we should think about is the American TV series “power game”, which has been burning all over the world in recent years. But in addition to the TV series, HBO is also involved in a wide range of areas. “Tough guy” (formerly known as camp English: Hard Knocks) is HBO and NFL sports movie CO produced a documentary reality show program of sports occupation, since the launch of the series of documentary programs not only by the fans, also several finalists sports Emmy Award, it is the sign of HBO sports.

Subject content

Perhaps the name Hard Knocks will give you the unknown, but the “tough guy” training camp NFL Chinese jerseys translation is straightforward enough — about NFL team training camp numerous. The program will be selected each year a team track shoot during training camp, players, coaches and managers from both inside and outside the stadium work and life for everyone, both on the pitch training content and position of competition, and personal anecdotes. In the show, fans can see many stories behind the dark: high rookie how to adapt to the occupation alliance, is how various choices of fringe players and desperate, inevitably to stay in the team list of injuries, coaches coaching and management, make you feel like being in the team, witnessed the training the camp scenes of a real picture.

It is worth mentioning that, for the series as the narrator is a famous Broadway actor, American film and television actor Levi Sri Boer (Live Schreiber), he in the country better known role is the movie “Wolverine” in “Saber Toothed tiger”. Sri Boer was responsible for so far in the 11 quarter of the 12 quarter of the program work aside, but in 2007 the Kansas City Chiefs by actor Paul Luther (Paul Rudd) as the narrator, in his recent Marvel superhero movie plays “a corner of ant man”. As the chief fan of Luther, for his home team to make an aside, it is also a wish.

Striking one snag after another

After two seasons in 2001 and 2002, the “tough guy camp” went through four years of rest and a strong return in 2007. With the accumulation of experience and the improvement of technology, this program has become more mature. But scattered attention, players may expose internal factors such as the secret team makes a lot of teams in this program avoids, in 2011 there was even because no team is willing to participate in the filming to show for a quarter of the embarrassing situation. Under the new rules in 2013 after the team owners arrange alliance, the new season to replace the coach, the past two years have reached the playoffs, the past ten years participated in the filming, as long as it meets the three one, is not in the scope of the alternative. But other than that, once the team is selected, they must not refuse to take part in the shooting. Although the new regulations allow those who want to see the new England patriots teams fans completely dead heart, but also bring more exposure and attention to the original strength of the weak part of the team, but also to ensure that the annual normal shooting plan.

The curse of tough guy training camp?

The mantra is the talk of the fans, such as the Super Bowl fell loser curse, wheat stool cover nfl jerseys china curse etc.. “Tough guy” training camp was not spared, the past 11 seasons in the team not only a season when reached the super bowl, and 5 even 50% winning failed to meet. And get 8 wins over the team in 2008, the Dallas Cowboys missed the playoffs, the Cincinnati tigers have failed to break in the 2009 and 2013 wild card game season (the first round of the playoffs), and in 2015 Houston Dezhou is in the wild card race home court were 30 to 0 bloodbath. But after all, the blacksmith needs its own hardware. In the fierce competition in NFL, 32 teams only 12 teams to make the playoffs, a total of 16 regular season games, a wave of injuries and several lost enough to lead the team off the chain. Every round is a playoff game, and the team that laughs at the end needs absolute strength and plenty of luck. Especially after the 2013 selection reform, shooting team is already in the past two years non playoff teams, instead of waiting to see their jokes, rather than carefully observe how they started from the training camp, trying to hit a turnaround.

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