Trump once again published NFL remarks jerseys

By • Oct 11th, 2017 • Category: good sports jerseys news

On twitter at NFL protest Anthem

I think the president will be very busy with government matters, and there seems to be exceptions. Finally in the sports circle of president of the United States temporarily disappeared Trump and out of trouble. After Capet Nick was forced to leave NFL, President Trump said the sound does not respect the flag of the players should be fired, NFL players have knelt before the national anthem for Trump’s outrageous remarks after protests, Trump still does not give up, and launch an attack on NFL.

Trump and the embodiment of keyboard man on Twitter to NFL jerseys protest Anthem

In October 10th, Trump made comments on twitter,

“Why does the NFL lose a lot of tax relief while not respecting our national anthem, flag and country?”!”

In fact, as early as 2015, the NFL union no longer had duty-free treatment. NFL, as the most commercially valuable sports league, has always been treated as a non profit maker. This treatment has been going on for decades. But in 2015, there have been some public opinion began to pay attention to the problem of tax NFL, even pointed out that the NFL duty-free policy of the United States government every year lost millions of dollars in potential revenue, and questioned whether such preferential treatment for NFL League jerseys executives to drop, profit from. Under such pressure of public opinion, the NFL coalition began to deal with the issue of duty-free treatment. Based on outside questioning and misunderstanding, in April 28, 2015, the NFL alliance renounced its duty-free treatment status and returned to the status of taxable entities.

Not long ago, President Trump had also spoken that he would complete the tax reform plan by the end of the year, and that would be part of his plan. Accustomed to do not mind, the president appeared in the sports circle is not new, and do not know what the NFL alliance will encounter. But hopefully the president will focus his attention on government and a quiet court environment for the fans.

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