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NFL legend Payton Manning statue unveiling

In May last year, Indianapolis has plans to build a pony statue of Payton Manning at the Lucas Oil Stadium outside the square, but today this belongs to the statue of Manning Payton was unveiled in countless, the cheers of the people of Indianapolis, the pony’s legendary coach Toni – Deng Ji, NFL President Roger Goodell et al together as guests Payton Manning statue unveiling. This statue commemorates Payton Manning in the Indianapolis Colts for 14 years and create a legendary career, Payton – Manning in the pony hit numerous records, and Payton Manning in the pony 14 years left, is not only the great data and records, also is not only that a MVP trophy or Super Bowl jerseys champion, Payton Manning is already in the city or the representative of NFL.

The statue by Payton Manning wore Jersey to pass the pony, and Payton – Manning game form is Payton Manning as like as two peas, and would make the pony club’s Hall of fame and a pony moved to Indianapolis after the first retired players who, in the end the game in the home court pony, pony will Payton Manning held a grand retirement ceremony. And for a handful of sports stars who can receive statues, Payton – Manning is thrilled.

“I have ten thousand reasons to draw a key to Indianapolis in my life on the map, you want to ask me why, I have ten cheap jerseys thousand reasons, such as the pony used that pick to select my pony is my first team, I stayed here for 14 years, people on their first impression is always deep.”

“I have no way to explain all the things that mean to me here. I can only repeat it many times. Thank you, Indianapolis. I’m proud of it. I’m always a member of the pony!”

Manning later signed his name in football and threw it at the audience. This statue of Manning Payton will never stand in the pony home court square, like Brown’s legend Jim Brown in Cleveland – the statue. The recent star like Manning will be the star of the Losangeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant.

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