Tom Brady and china the indissoluble bound

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Write Chinese characters with a brush

For China people, first heard Tom Brady (Tom Brady nfl jersey) name, some people will feel strange, but the mention of his wife, Brazil supermodel Giselle. Ndchen is known to every family. For a long time, China users are accustomed to call Brady: “Giselle’s husband Bangchen”.

In June 18th, Tom Brady (yes, your mouth is “lucky lady” husband) for the first time to visit China. We do not talk Bundchen, old driver told you, as the greatest NFL quarterback, Tom Brady. How cool in the United states.
All American men want to be him!

In 2015 the American film “Teddy bear 2” in such a plot: married Tactic bear wants a baby, but at no birth he thought by fine children in the United States, the best man, he and his companions first thought is: Tom Brady. In their view, Brady is the man national men dream of being, his genes must be the best.

In “into the” Brady mansion, opened his sheets, Tactic worship of Brady seems to have transformed into his key parts of the “myth”:

Why is the most perfect Brady man? It should begin with the exercises he is engaged in.

In addition to the handsome appearance, Brady is an American major league football occupation (hereinafter referred to as NFL) is the most successful in the history of the new England Patriots quarterback, he led the 5 time Super Bowl champion, Brady himself also has 4 times won the Super Bowl MVP.

“Super bowl” is called “the American Spring Festival Gala” by domestic netizens. As the name suggests, it is the “American must see every year” program”. “Super bowl” participated in the team’s championship for the American Football League of the season and the National Football League championship.

In 2015, the Seattle Seahawks beat the Brady patriots in the super bowl, won fourth Super Bowl champion. This year, the NFL regular season in the United States home to the audience average of 18 million, while NBA is only 1 million 300 thousand, NFL is the other three major league (NBA, MLB, NHL) viewership of the total number of 8 times!

The turn of the year fiftieth “super bowl” audience reached 110 million, compared with the 2015 NBA finals for the sixth game warriors beat the audience Knight won only 23 million 300 thousand, eighty-eighth Oscar awards for 34 million 500 thousand.

The 2017 super bowl, the 39 year old Tom Brady. Almost single handedly led the Patriots in the 25 points behind the successful anti kill, realize the comeback, the final 34 to 28 victory over the Atlanta falcons, won fifth super bowl, the ups and downs of the wonderful events known as the greatest the super bowl. Brady, World War one.

Even the “Ji empress” I have said that at a friend’s dinner, she is the first to launch the Brady Campaign of love at first sight, yo.

Father’s Day children’s visit to China

This came to Chinese, Brady with son Jack.

Visit the Shichahai, the Brady sponsors arrange calligraphy links, originally written for an interview, but see Jack picked up the brush, the staff of Brady push interview, sat quietly watching his son to practice on rice paper.
June 18th is father’s day, catch the rare summer time, Brady wanted to spend more time with Jack, which is a rare parent-child journey alone.

Grew up in California, in addition to the sun, more cheerful personality, Brady is a family man. With Giselle Bundchen before marriage, his former girlfriend and son Jack. But whether it is from the paparazzi candid photos, or Brady daily social network, Brady often appeared in “Daddy” status, with Jack, and Benjamin, the son of Bundchen born daughter Vivan together.

This year’s “super bowl” staged shaking after winning reversal, Brady on its own social network Po Jack, Benjamin, Vivan and his wife in the field together and kiss his photos, with: “this is my all.”
Brady Qinshou beauty women’s Volleyball National Champion game

Although American football in China jerseys wholesale has been regarded as a “niche movement”, but in the Chinese Brady star fans can be really many.

This year’s “super bowl” period, the high popularity of William Chan as the NFL Chinese District ambassador, shooting posters, he wore No. 12 new England patriots jerseys is brady.

In Beijing, a Tencent Brady came to the studio, in addition to an interview with China women “Yan value play” interaction, the beauty is the national champion Brady “fans”, more hands-on interaction during Brady to teach her how to play football well, really envy the scene all the female staff.

How was NFL’s greatest quarterback ever made? What was he thinking during the shock reversal? Who taught Rugby by hand? Want to know, don’t miss the June 19th sports Tencent, we will bring a guest studio and Tencent Brady highlights interaction for everyone.

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