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September is the opening season, the season is the beginning of the NFL regular season. On the 8th, the new season will start from the defending champion New England Patriot’s home Gillette stadium. With the regular season getting closer, today we come to review the NFL schedule rules, and inventory of the season the most difficult ten teams.

Unlike Chinese football fans who are familiar with football, American football has always been known for its short schedule. The reason is that the sport is very bullish on the player’s body, so it can not ask the players to play three or four games every season like football, and it’s not as good as basketball hockey. The current 16 regular season +4 rounds of the playoffs, the rugby is already a great amount of competition. 16 regular season points in 17 weeks, that is, each team has a week off the time of the truce, which is designed to reduce the strength of the game players designed.

Since the league has 32 teams, that only play 16 games means that each team is not with the remaining 31 teams will fight. So how is each team each season’s opponent to determine it?

First of all, 32 teams are divided into the United States and the League of Nations two sub-league, they also under the jurisdiction of the four northeast and northwest Division, so that a total of eight divisions, each team four teams. Each team in each season with the same area of ​​the three opponents home and away to meet once, this is 6 games nfl jerseys.

Second, each team to fight with a subordinate to another division of the four teams played each time, this is 4 games. As for what is the touch area, it is a year for a change. Because of their own division except, so the same sub-league three divisions each year a rotation, that is, each team will run every three years with a division.

Third, each team also with another branch of one of the league’s four teams played each time, this is four games. Touch the division is still a year for a change, but because it is four division rotation, so each team will be every four years to hit the same division.

This has already identified 6 + 4 + 4 = 14 game opponents. The last two games, is the same sub-league, the remaining two divisions, the previous season ranked the same team and their own grips. This is entirely determined by the results, so the team and the team may meet every year, there may not meet for a long time.

In the case of the defending champion New England Patriots, they played against the three rivals (Buffalo Bill, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets jerseys online) with the same season. The rotation to the Division is the United Western Union and the League of South, so they want to follow the United States West Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chief cheap jerseys, Los Angeles Lightning, Auckland Raiders, and South China Atlanta Falcon, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay pirates, each have a fight. In the end, because they are the US East last season, so remove their own division and have been sure to meet the United States and West, they also want to meet with the United States left the two divisions, South America and North America, the Division champion meet, that Houston People and Pittsburgh Steelers.

This year’s rotation is as follows:

The same sub-league: the United States East vs the United States and the West, North America vs South America, the country East vs country West, North North Korea

Different sub-Union: the United States East vs South Korea, North America vs North, South America vs West, the United States West vs Guodong

So it is conceivable that each team’s annual schedule is very difficult, largely depends on their own division, turn to the other two teams with which to play against. Encounter strong races of the Division, the schedule is very difficult, encountered chicken pecking pizza Division, the schedule will be easier. A typical example of the Detroit Lions in the 2008 season played an unprecedented 0 wins and 16 losses embarrassing record, but according to the authoritative website Pro Football Reference assessment, the Lions 2009 season 2 wins and 14 losses performance, not as good as the 2008 season, It is in their 08 season schedule than the 09 season is much more difficult.

Last season, the strongest of the two Division is the United States and West and East, the two teams this year, but also direct dialogue, so the United States and West has become the most difficult section of this season. In addition, the three East United States hapless (Buffalo Bill, Miami dolphins, New York jets) due to defending champion patriots played twice, plus to fight with the United States and West, so the schedule more difficult than the East, Only with the United States after the West.

The following is the difficulty of ranking all the race.

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