The Titans set the goal jerseys of the season

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Goals become history third people!

Johnson racing moments

Johnson racing moments

The Arizona Cardinals (David Johnson) is about to enter the occupation career of the third season, he set an ambitious goal for their new season.

That’s 1000 yards in a season and 1000 yards from the ball. Johnson said: “it’s a real goal because I was close last year and I feel I still have a lot of room for improvement.”.”

Last season, Johnson’s data were 1239 yards to the ball and 879 yards. If the knee had not been injured at the start of the season, the figures might have gone up.

NFL history only two teams completed the season, catch and run all 1000 yards of data.

Apart from the 32 NFL, the harvest Johnson 33 touchdowns, there is no doubt that he will still be fantasy fans preferred.

Super Bowl, heavy weight, joining Denver Mustang, talent to the end

The million minute game

Tencent sports news Denver Broncos running back who are very talented, but the team’s running back depth is not enough, especially in Wednesday’s – Wundtian Boekel (Devontae Booker) after the injury.

So the team quickly signed (Stevan Ridley), and he helped the new England patriots win the super bowl jerseys for sale.

At present, Mustang also has a healthy (Jamaal, Charles), veteran running guard (C.J.Anderson), and (Bernard Piece) and the six round show (De’Angelo Henderson).

In his 6 season, he completed 2914 yards, 22 goals, averaging 4.2 yards per ball.

“Star of hope” injury back cowboy special service group or encounter no one available dilemma

This game moment sweet

Tencent sports news this offseason for the Dallas Cowboys his rookie wide receiver from the University of North Carolina Ryan Sweet Azee (Ryan Switzer) to give a lot of hope, but the United States Thursday Ryan suffering a hamstring injury.

The team is still unsure of the severity of his injury, so he is unsure of his absence.

The bad news is (Lucky Whitehead) is not on the team list, plus Ryan’s injury situation is cheap nike jerseys unknown, the team’s secret service list may be stretched.

The good news is that (Cole, Beasley) has returned to training, and maybe he can play a part.

Hopefully it won’t be a big problem for the talented young player to have a chance to show himself.

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