The story of stars and football jerseys

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New interpretation of the hope of becoming Ambassador

NFL’s season is coming soon, a little earlier than NBA’s.. We also launched a campaign called “my first football experience.”. I think carefully, and football are really quite fate, because I am not only a basketball commentator, football has become a very important part of my life, the NFL I know a lot of good friends, and have the opportunity to live commentary of the fifty-first super bowl.

In fact, the scope of this initial experience is very broad, you can say that the ball, the ball, playing, and so on, but for me, these are actually very concentrated, in the two years, one has the initial experience.
That’s how it was said. Every one is memorable for the first time, so today we’ll remember it together.

The first time I watched football, it was really early. My impression was still in the television broadcast, I already can’t recall what year is the super bowl, the two sides are no impression, but in my young heart is the first time for the super bowl and NFL with a little bit of concept is a group of extremely extremely strong for the passion of the Han grappled with the movement of each other.

I don’t know if this will be the first time a lot of friends are watching football. The rules of football may be complicated to understand because of the items that are clearly scored in terms of football and basketball. At the same time, because of the rapid pace and fragmentation, it may be possible to watch football at the beginning. “What’s happening?”” “What’s the matter?” “,” how the man suddenly dance? How do you want to play football again? “Wait for all this confusion. The “Big Bang” in “Sheldon” in the father forced from the football jerseys very well, although this is more ridicule for nerds, but it is enough to prove that the sport in the United States “national” property, but in fact does not need to understand football must have Sheldon’s iq.

As a global sporting event, almost every year at the super bowl, of course is to see a lively, most attention is part of the halftime show, people think this game parade is really big enough to have enough style, is a super star, stage lighting and sound effects with any of the top of the concert, the audience was crazy in the cheers. As for the game itself, the meaning is the most unsuspectingly.

I remember my first NFL game is that the Green Bay Packers of the Seattle Seahawks, to tell the truth than I said to NBA is more serious. I would worry that because they still do not know so much about this sport, not to give us a wonderful comments, but later I realized that actually watch the game together with me, the faithful old drivers have NFL, there is also a lot of novice and they just get on the bus, I had the same, for this motion is curious, and have some exclusive what to see, is not a bunch of men in a scuffle.

This is really not what I said, this is a barrage of the game, I am particularly impressed.

And not just one. Similar comments are especially common on NFL broadcasts.

So I think if I want to go on talking about NFL, one of my missions is to make the barrage less and less so that everyone knows at least what football is going to be like.

Later, NFL China jerseys organized two experience of flag football, and I think it should be done more, because I think it is far from enough to popularize a sport if only the highest level of competition is appreciated. To allow more friends to have the opportunity to participate in this sport, to have an intuitive understanding of the sport, including our interpretation is the same. If you just watch the game, watch videos, see “tough guy camp”, in fact, there is still a little “paper on the end of sleep” flavor.

I wonder if anyone who has just come into contact with football wants to play quarterback, but I do. Throw the football really is not easy, not yourself really not appreciate those who can hit the “bomber” who is after many hard training, to put the ball a few yards of odd shape can still be accurate to their receiver’s arms.

Rugby division of the position for each position is quite clear, especially divided into offensive and defensive groups, unlike basketball or football, offensive and defensive is real-time conversion. But when playing it really is quite a sense of team, even if not every round will receive the ball, but everyone is different, completed in accordance with established lines, it is possible to have the whole team tactics can be achieved, so is not to say that has not received the ball or did not complete the interception is “people” the football field is not in any position is useless.

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