The Seattle Seahawks poguanziposhuai jerseys

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Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

Today the NFL draft continue, here we continue to comment on the two day of the draft the occupation team brought us some strange choice:
Offensive? I how to poguanposhuai!

The Seattle Seahawks put their first round of No. 26 stop trading, they had two cheap nfl jerseys 2 round and 4 round sign sign, and they didn’t care about their line how bad their crazy reinforcing defense group, choose a center only in the 2 round of the middle, this is one thing let Russell Wilson despair.

Bears spend big price to choose 45 million quarterback to naught?

The first is to use four sign a deal with San Francisco 49 Chicago bears, the team’s idea is very strange, they had invested heavily in the introduction of a quarterback, when getting the contract completely with no thought of himself in the draft and a third sign, they spend money quite decisively, directly to the front of the pirates the backup quarterback signed 3 year $45 million a, which almost put the bears to getting as the core of the future, then let go of the best team wide receiver Geoffrey, who seems to be in the draft on gambling.

But after a joint training camp, potential and talent North Carolina quarterback Chubisiji by countless people talked about, like Brown, jet or even 49 people and the people of Dezhou and the lack of appropriate team for all Chubisiji quarterback bears around drool with envy, opponents are so excited the case also sit still, they from the draft draft did not sign their own opinion, almost all go step, see 49 people may have to deal with other people, bears decisive hit on a dozen picks. Of course Chubisiji no problem, select a quarterback this is not a problem, the key is to pay the price is too large bears, but also for 49 people to do the wedding dress. But in general the bears this choice is that the people A thing has its cause., only slightly disappointed.

A good sign is bad the titans are suffering

Then the Tennessee Titans, the Titans actually choose is also the team took over the vacant position were added, but disappointing is, let a Titans defensive genius, but with the fifth of their picks selected receivers, it is also a helpless for, because the Titan holding fifth sign, but the most embarrassing problem is that the team defense gap is much smaller than the offensive team, the Titans season ranked very odd by passing attack, Mario Kobita has grown into a good quarterback, they urgently need external hand for Mario Kobita rattling. Obviously want Titan receivers, but they obviously do not want to use the No. five selection of a take over, they want to have a team with a first round pick plus other chips for trading, they do not want to take up outside so high, but helpless ah, did not find a suitable choice of the titans. But even so, the Titans so high picks can still choose a defensive front, rushed from hand they pass the Jonathan – Allen, miss Barnett, miss Reuben on their online health – cheap nfl jerseys china Forster, miss Reddick, why Davies from the primary school is not blamed for the Titans, but regret why Titan to defend the group of players.

Lightning to give up the treatment of meditation is the best defense

If the choice is over Titan to get talent, then the San Diego lightning team selected wide receiver Mike Williams is really outrageous, Mike – Williams is the first foreign took over, he is also considered to be NFL stars, the Titans chose Davies Williams is probably not selected because of his injury history, but lightning Williams thought it is difficult to make people think, first of all is to pass the lightning attack squad, even running back Malvin Gordon can brush out the catch data very good-looking, lightning quarterback Philip Rivers is also the top quarterback, than the Titan, apparently lightning ball team stronger, perhaps the injuries let not the management of lightning shot, but in such a way that the worst defensive second lightning completely exploded, they missed the latimore There is no choice, Hu Kerr, now the defense team lightning “terrorist”, it’s hard for me to imagine the lightning in Rivers before retiring to Rivers how much tragedy, then lightning after the draft still have no choice of defensive line, which make people feel despair.

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