The preseason Seahawks defeated the chiefs

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Chief of secret brave return wind

NFL preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks chief Kansas has ended, those interesting things happened in the game? Let’s have a look:

The first quarter of the game, the Emirates first began to attack the main quarterback Arrakis Smith led the chiefs team debut, the chiefs began to attack from the first half of 35 yards, the Emirates pioneered the use of running back Spencer wale and Hunter Karuimu – ground attack with Smith to promote a red zone, but in the end zone before the Emirates by the Seahawks tightly pressed, Emirates can only choose the kick, the kicker Sam facon 30 yard free kick hit.

Then the Seahawks quarterback Russell Werwilson offensive lineup led the field, rely on the new aid Addie RESINES continuous punching ball, plus Wilson and rookie running back Chris Carson completed a 37 yard size in advance, but then the Seahawks offensive success, kicker Blaine Walsh 41 yard free kick attempt success hit the equaliser.

And then the chief attack was not smooth, after the chiefs punt. The Seahawks began to attack in the 30 yards, 39 yards passing line then Werwilson Jermaine Kors succeeded, running back Carson for 15 yards, but the Seahawks offense is still some stagnation, kicker Walsh completed 36 yard free kick on again shot.

Then the chiefs punt again, the Seahawks began to attack from the first half 40 yards, running back Carson is continuous for the Seahawks won the first ball attack, then at the Emirates team for the foul, the way to promote the Seahawks red zone, and Addie ray Xichong to end the ball 1 yards, and then Wilson is the habit of a code region before the crazy pass, but the ball found Trezeguet – Madden completed touchdown for the Seahawks to expand the score.
The Seahawks after the kickoff, but good times don’t last long, chief return hand de Anthony – Thomas road stop missing the raid, Seahawk players nfl jerseys usa grapple saw Thomas finish the 100 yard touchdown return, the Emirates to recover a city. After Hai Ying told the chief has no offensive performance effectively, Hai Ying at half-time had the chance to complete a touchdown, but once again facing the region before the code, Russell Werwilson heart is still only pass, after the attack failed, but Hai Ying sent the kicker Walsh free kick.

The third quarter, chief for the bulk of the lineup, and continue to make Werwilson was attacking the Seahawks, Wilson consecutive passes, the final attack stalled in the frontcourt 29 yards, Blaine Walsh once again on a successful hit 47 yard free kick, can be said that this game, Walsh is the Seahawks MVP.

Then Werwilson will come to rest, for Boykin, then the two teams began to punt, which had an interesting scene, the Seahawks punt turnovers, but after the ball hit the Emirates team into a live ball after the Seahawks, but then Boykin pass was intercepted, the Seahawks will ball back to the opponent, and chief offensive still negative, is also a punt end attack.

Then the two teams began a punt war, both of you come to me to each other. And the third mlb jerseys nike quarter last time, rookie quarterback Patrick Holmes Ma steadily to help the team forward, finally kicker facon scored 32 yard free kick, getting three points.

Then the Seahawks quarterback Austen Davies ran with the reserve guard JD- Mike Keith continuous advance, the Seahawks again completed a touchdown Seahawks victory, after the chief is not what effective performance. The end of the game, the Seattle Seahawks beat Kansas 26-13 for victory.

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