Beckham hopes to get the nfl league’s top jersey salary

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David Beckham wants to be the highest paid man in the League

Each of the stars in the NFL see NBA as a big contract will be jealous, some players continue to voice in social media, some get you want that simply do not participate in the training camp, although the New York giants wide receiver Odair Beckham after the two season will become a free agent, but he is already planning for a rainy day. For the future.

“It’s like putting an elephant in the room. You see and don’t look. It’s there, so it has to be talked about.”. I think I have a chance not just to be the most expensive player in the league, but also the most expensive player here.”

John, the giant’s boss, said politely that the renewal of his contract had not yet started, but the Union’s highest salary sounded unacceptable. Just a few days ago, the boss said, “I hope we have more players like David Beckham.” although David Beckham is one of the best players in the league, the high salary is as if the team can’t afford more.

Beckham’s last year’s salary at the rookie contract is $1 million 839 thousand, and the giant will receive $8 million 459 thousand in the final season as the giant chooses to execute his fifth year rookie contract option. At present, the league’s most expensive receiver is the Steelers Antonio – Brown, he and the team in the offseason has just signed a contract with a high average of 17 million a year, and now the largest NFL contract belongs to the Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carle, the average annual salary of $25 million.

Now that every star’s salary is a barometer of the league jerseys china, David Beckham’s comments will attract the attention of countless peers, as one of the best players, whether breaking the salary record, we should look forward to. After all, we were conquered by him.

Newton is looking forward to the new season

See the four Carolina Panthers quarterback cam – Newton in the 2016 season has been burdened with the pressure before, yet from the defeat of the Super Bowl in recovered, once ranked first in the list of 100 star players, this season fell to 44, the training camp has begun, for he said as soon as possible to wake up from a nightmare.

The 2015 season of the amazing Newton data, 3837 yard pass contains 35 touchdowns, 636 yards rushing and 10 touchdowns, but in 2016 what has changed, the first field on the horse, Newton seems to be terrified, he lost the opening after the war, until the end of the season, the team only 6 wins 10, the year of his passing hit rate of just over 50%, the number of touchdowns has shrunk by nearly half.

“I was lost last year.”.” Newton said in an interview this week, “but I know there’s something that needs to change, starting with me.”.”

His weight dropped to 246 pounds this year, 10-15 pounds less than last year, and his shoulder football was well restored after surgery, and he had passed the ball training with his teammates at the training camp.

Coach Ron – Rivera wants Newton to pass the ball more decisively and reduce his punch. He himself was aware of this too. “I should not be a tactical finish. I want to trust my brothers and help them finish the attack and make them do better.”.” Nevertheless, Rivera’s request for a reduction in ball runs has been going on for many years, but it does not seem obvious.

“Can you expect a lion not to roar?”” “Ask yourself,” Newton asked. “Can you imagine that I was in my pocket all day like Brady, Rodgers, Matt, Ryan and Bracey?” I have the ability to run like this. That’s my advantage. I’ll make good use of it.”

Guys, it’s time to give Superman a little help this season.

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