The NFL Alliance protests Trump radicals

By • Sep 25th, 2017 • Category: good sports jerseys news

When the league and Trump to work, these people actually.

I heard Trump came to the aid and launched an attack on NFL. According to BuzzFeed News, a political group that supports President Trump agrees with Trump’s comments on NFL and social media advertising.

The first US policy (a group of former athletes prone to Trump) produced and released an ad on Sunday that featured “shut down NFL” and the theme tag “#TakeAStandNotAKnee”. It was also accompanied by a picture of Trump’s hand on his heart, with the American flag as the background.

The main content of the ad is to say that instead of looking at NFL, we do not respect our country… It’s better to open something to remember the men and women who have made sacrifices to protect us and our great American flag.
These ads are mainly aimed at NFL fans, let them refuse NFL, and do more patriotic things.

Just last Friday, Trump said that if the NFL players kneel down during the national anthem to protest against buy nfl jerseys racial justice, then such players should be fired. “When someone doesn’t respect our flag, you don’t like to see such NFL players.”. Now let the Bitch leave, leave here, he was fired.”

However, Trump did not stop, and then turned to twitter:

“If the NFL fans refuse to watch the game until the players stop respecting our flag and country, then you’ll see how fast and how fast they change.”

“Attendance and ratings for NFL are down. A silly cheap game jerseys; a boring game. But many people leave because they love our country. The alliance should support the United states.”

Because of this radical unfair speech, the NFL league players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the comments. There are also some coaches, who also say that the players are doing nothing wrong and supporting them.

Players throughout the country and London, England, encouraged each other on Sunday, and they still believed in their beliefs. During the prelude to the national anthem, they responded to such an aggressive speech by Trump.
Including the Detroit Lions boss Martha Ford, she was with the players, and coach Jim Caldwell, hand in hand, and the players said they unite.

It’s like the whole league is going against Trump.

In any case, as long as it is justice, it is right to do it

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