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Drew, Bracey, the most underrated quarterback in history

New Orleans saints four point guard Drew Bracey, whose outstanding career and steady performance has proved that he will certainly be eligible to enter the hall of fame in the first Hall of fame selection.

In 2009, New Orleans was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and Bracey led the team out of the ruins and won the super bowl. He made his 10 career bowl, 7 season passes, League first, 4 season passes, League number 1, League 2, and player of the year.

In the 2016 season of chaos, Bracey was already 37 years old, and he proved in 7 games MVP that he could lead a mediocre team to perform all stars. In fact, if Bracey weren’t the quarterback for the saints, they would probably be about the same as the Cleveland Brown.

And in the Denver Broncos game, a record Bracey, after Bret Favre and Payton Manning, became the third more than 450 touchdowns (quarterback Tom Brady will reach this success in this season). No quarterback, however, can complete the record without the help of an all star.

Of course, he had 2 all star level forward passing goals – the lightning team, the Antonio gate, and the saints Jimmy Graham with him for 5 years. But the lack of top outside players was a great test for the quarterback. Like SHARP, Antonio Favre Stryn – – Freeman, Donald – Delef Randy – Moss; Brady jerseys online , Wilke Weiss; Manning Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Thomas Emanuel, Achilles de Saunders.

Best season regular season data

Can Bracey be the most powerful quarterback in history? Let’s take a look at his strongest season (2011):

This is the best year of Bracey’s career, even the best of the league’s top three. By contrast, Manning’s career best 2013 season, is also considered the league’s best season.

As a result, Bracey’s 2011 season as the second best season is out of question.

Professional regular season data

We mentioned earlier that Bracey would have to go to the hall of fame at his first nfl jerseys china selection, but if he had 2-3 more seasons to play, he would have completely rewritten NFL and won the best quarterback in history.

The career wins the Brady may be pushed to a new level in this season (currently, Manning and Favre record is 186 wins), this is Bracey to reach the goal. Even so, he has the chance to break the quarterback’s record, and so far he has been among the best in the rankings:

The passing rate is the first in history

Pass code history third

Number of passes, history, third

If his occupation career can be continued in 2019 or so, Bracey these records can be flushed to a higher level, will never have people (including Tom Brady) to challenge.

Playoff career data

Compared with other quarterback, this is a short board for Bracey. Almost all leading quarterback Brady playoff record, before he retired before will continue to refresh the record.

Bracey, averaging fifth yards per game in the playoffs, is hard to score in the playoffs, considering the wholesale jerseys status quo of the saints, so it is difficult for Bracey to reach the top five in the playoffs.

Even so, Bracey is not out of contention for the best quarterback in history. Today, he is the top 5 offensive leader in the league. Although Bracey was rarely mentioned as “great”, if he could win 1 or 2 Super Bowls, there would be no doubt about greatness.

Most people think that Brady will eventually have every passing record NFL. However, they seem to forget that Bracey was actually two years younger than him and Brady, more chance to prove myself. More importantly, if not for Bracey, saints might still be one of the worst teams in the national football league. Now is the time to give him the respect he deserves.

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