The legend of giant quarterback died

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Record countless records, worship by later generations

Yelberton Abraham Tittle jerseys Born in October 24, 1926, let us more familiar is he called Y.A. teeter. He is NFL in the middle of the last century the iconic four points, has played for the Baltimore colts, San Francisco 49 team, the New York giants. 7 selected professional bowl, 10 times the first team. In 1948 the first round of sixth by pony selected, now he is at the age of 90 with glorious data 28339 yards away from us, but this created in the era of the people advocating road to promote the record unmatched.

The legend of the giant quarterback killed many records and was worshipped by later generations

Y.A. teeter died at home in San Francisco, the theme of the house is red, representing his favorite red zone. The house was full of trophies, and the football he loved seemed dry and cracked. Among the many honors, the most notable of which was his plaque in the hall of fame, was the highest honor. What’s more, the League appreciates the performance of a player.

He was taught by grandpa when he was young, and grandpa warned him how to protect himself. He was not allowed to cross the window so as not to hurt his arm. He was not allowed to cross the traffic. As a result, he formed a sense of protection from his childhood, which made him pay more attention to his own protection in the future professional competition. Less conflict, more wisdom, he has maintained the idea of playing. But the NFL of that time still advocated the attack of the road, and the injury seemed inevitable. We are impressed by the game he is facing the Steelers in September 20, 1964, after a touchdown he bled, kneeling in the end zone scene, so many people affected. The injury in NFL has been controversial, but this is also expressed concern about the teeter, the team nfl jerseys looked at into dementia was hit, he felt very sad. Not long ago aodeer – in the regular season and Beckham J.J. watts injured, declared for the season, as has been alerted us.

Y.A. teeter even in the whole history of the United States are significant figures, 60s in New York, he has become a legend, although he did not like the New York Yankees team that won numerous titles, nor in New York throughout his life, but he was regarded as a king, he is using his super courage inspire a generation. He has won more than 2 hits in 14 consecutive games and is still a capital for posterity.

His life is enough to influence his children, and on their shining path, they should benefit for life, and that is how he inspires people, guides them in confusion, and perhaps that is his greatness.

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