The Cardinals preseason VS jeans

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Dish chicken pecking no little star

The preseason jerseys usually disappointing fans to finally have games to see very exciting but only to see a group in order to keep the team opportunity grappling line three players. At least the Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians to warn you that.

Arians said Saturday he has decided not to let the quarterback Carson Palmer and receiver Larry – Fitzgerald Larry Fitzgerald to participate in the game hall of fame.

Although he wants to make the first player Arians said in a pre-season match to get more playing time to speed up their regular season for the two players ready,nike jersey he does not want his most important risk too much.

So when the cardinals in the pre-season game against the Dallas cowboys, Drew Stanton will serve as the starting quarterback. It’s not known whether Dak Prescott will play for the cowboys, but it can be said that even if he doesn’t play, he doesn’t play much time. Once fans think about pre-season, their excitement will not last long.

Legendary running guard was released from prison in October or invited to attend the hall of fame ceremony

O.J.Simpson will be released from prison in October, almost everyone knows.

Simpson was arrested for robbery and kidnapping and has served 9 years nfl cheap in prison. But the retired American football guard, who retired in 1973, is still invited to the American Football Hall of fame every year.

Because he is in the position of khamthong Hall of fame and has not been canceled, so he will be invited to the annual ceremony. If Simpson chooses to take part, he’ll be back in the spotlight again.

For those who do not like to see Simpson, the good news is that he has not attended any Hall of fame ceremony since he was inducted into the hall of fame in 1985.

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