Thanksgiving and football?

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Beijing time Friday, the NFL twelfth week game will start the curtain, the first competition day is NFL tradition program – Thanksgiving Day war. This year’s Thanksgiving war has three games, namely, the Vikings vs lions, lightning vs cowboys, giant vs red skin, we have selected a number of NLF experts, focused on their Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving war views and insights, to listen to the voices of experts!

A brother: I feel, in the English speaking countries, the traditional holiday entertainment activities without sports, like all the holidays China also has entertainment, people celebrate the festival of the project are fixed, if no match, just feel like less of what holiday. For example, in the UK, the Premier League Championship Boxing Day War, a war of easter. In the United States, NBA’s Christmas War, NHL Winter Classic, MLB because almost every day, so the particularity of the festival competition may be weakened, but there are memorial day, Jackie Robinson memorial day and national day of these three important occasions. Rugby season is short, Thanksgiving is a typical festival competition.

Why is Thanksgiving associated with football rather than basketball and ice hockey in the same season? The defining of Thanksgiving Day (1863) was similar to the creation of Rugby (1869), and the latter became a way to celebrate the former and used as a tradition so far. Dallas and Detroit will certainly have a home game on this day, and it’s part of the tradition. There’s only one game a week, and the Thanksgiving day must be Thursday, so it’s probably easier to schedule. In contrast, Christmas fixed date rather than a few weeks, it is more suitable for NBA each team one week game schedule settings, NFL wants to control a Christmas schedule arrangement is more chaotic, became the only fan that the game had no game, No.

However, when it comes to football with thanksgiving, there are a lot of really reasonable, compared to indoor basketball and slow in baseball, football game live, sweat and breath on the court players on the sidelines of transpiration of players and fans with a thick coat, directly bring a very occasional but very warm feel, with the theme of the Thanksgiving holiday in orange, the kind of deep sense blowing.

Barney Roy: war with thanksgiving NFL can be said to be perfect, just think, what is the Thanksgiving holiday? Even in the local culture in the global mutual communion, Thanksgiving in the United States still like the Mid Autumn Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival in China, this is a kind of unique culture, like Christmas popular around the world, after Christmas China slowly change to an influx of young people have Chinese characteristics rave; Thanksgiving Day? It’s always around American culture, like NFL’s meaning for the United States, eating turkey, watching the game, NFL is the favorite of the American people, but it’s difficult to circulate around the globe, NFL like Thanksgiving, with a unique American characteristics. Just like Christmas Day is the NBA world, Christmas is like NBA, expanding overseas into a popular language, and Thanksgiving is the dinner of NFL fans.

The magic ball theory: we all know that Americans love sports and love of football. On weekdays, when families and friends meet for a party, there is always a lack of sporting events, and rugby has always been the most popular choice. The history of rugby playing on Thanksgiving Day originated in nineteenth Century, and the NFL, thanks to the historical tradition, has consolidated and deepened his position on Thanksgiving day. When we watch TV commercials, Thanksgiving is basically related to football. In addition, NHL and NBA are not scheduled for the season at the same time on Thanksgiving Day, which reflects the status of rugby on Thanksgiving day.

A: many people say the super bowl is a gala, and I think the Thanksgiving war is the Lantern Festival party. Many people will feel strange, why Christmas atmosphere as Thanksgiving football, in fact it is not difficult to understand, the Christmas Day celebration too much, really is not necessarily the family watching football jerseys, but it seems that Thanksgiving is a common day, three games, see from the late afternoon, a see enough. Look up the brain, a family reunion or 32 friends, drinking beer, eating turkey, a Dallas Cowboys game, I guess who can “eat chicken after the most favorable auspices success”, this is the festival of football fans, even inferior to the super bowl.

Shorthand: NFL regular season has been second years from September to early January, covering the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday two. NFL has jerseys china the usual Thanksgiving war and no Christmas War, mainly for the following reasons. First of all, the NFL regular season was only 14 weeks before 1977, and the regular season ended in mid December, and there was no way to arrange a Christmas war. Secondly, the Christmas War is usually NBA schedule, NFL does not need to hurt each other with NBA, everyone ratings. Christmas Eve is the University bowl Hawaii bowl holding time, NFL according to the law can not compete with NCAA football ratings. So the highlight of NFL can only be played on Thanksgiving day. Today’s Thanksgiving war is usually arranged 3 games, from noon until night. Just when family members are together and preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, there is almost standard football game on the living room tv.

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