Super Bowl jerseys heroes fear of season reimbursement

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What other noteworthy news does NFL have today? Let’s have a look.

Edelman injury, fear of loss of a general Patriot

In third weeks of pre-season match the Detroit lions on the new England patriots, patriots receiver Julian Edelman because of a knee injury left the stadium, the Super Bowl hero injured so many fans very worried about. According to informed sources at the end of the game, the injury is not optimistic, his right leg suffered a suspected ACL (cruciate ligament), if diagnosed ACL, means that his end of season.

The first game only two minutes, Edelman finished three catches for 52 yards forward is in good condition, more than three times the ball, he is off lions linebacker Davies Garate on the other side of the 29 yard line to complete the ball with his nimble body pushed forward 17 yards, were finally came safetys nanthavong – Wilson in a conventional tackle down to the ground, the body contact does not seem large and very normal, but may be in the air landing moment of knee. Edelman then limped out of the jump out of bounds, after the temporary tents are small simple processing tow to the locker room to conduct a comprehensive inspection, after the game he never again to the sidelines.

It is responsible for the broadcast of the staff revealed that Edelman has on the crutches, he said he felt wholesale jerseys like a cruciate ligament. The next night the team will return to Boston, MRI specific results will be at a later time announced, we also hope that through the examination of the hospital can determine Edelman’s injury not so serious, too much playing time.

Edelman’s injury affects many people’s hearts. At the end of the conference, in answer to a reporter when Brady said that examination results come out, soon, if seriously Brady will lose their most trusted ball target. In addition, after the Patriots will pull the old Garrett Blount Edelman. See on TV, is also the first time to send condolences to push, former teammate of prayer, visible brotherhood.

Chief of the main run knee injury, injuries remain to be seen

As the saying goes There is no story without coincidences., Edelman at one hour after injury, another nfl jerseys news piece of the main stadium on the Kansas City Chiefs running back Spencer and weir in the Seattle Seahawks game also suffered a similar injury: the first section of the game also has just started, the same right knee, the same small trailer.

The first game of Spencer, first as a running back at a few rounds, and then act as receivers in the attack on a top of the array, Arrakis Smith quickly after kicking the ball to Will, but he was a second Seahawks linebacker Terrence Gavin holds in. Then, the running guard tried to stand up but did not succeed. He fell onto his knees and felt very miserable until the trailer came into play.

But Andy, director of the Emirates team, said after DESAY’s conference, Weill’s X film initially showed that the injury was not heavy and that the knee ligament was intact, but it also needed to be examined in more detail.
Last season, Spencer – Vail won the Emirates run – up, and he clocked 921 yards in the 214 push. Not only that, other than the chiefs running back, the 25 year old can also create a threat in the offensive, 33 times the ball was completed last year, record of 447 yards. Able to run and pick up, Spencer – Vail is the real number one killer in the emirates.

In the match before the injury, he and rookie Kareem – Hunter share the chief ground attack, and with Will’s end, Hunter last 9 times to get the ball 39 yards. In addition, the Committee chiefs running back it difficult for other people to have what big as, CJ-, Peeler and Kendrick West mediocre, predictably, if will illness, rookie Hunter will assume the offensive team.

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