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You may not believe it, but Ricci – authentic nfl jerseys Kean – Fran Suowa has so many donuts, and not for entertainment or eat supper, this is his long-term plan.


And before packaging defensive tackle Fran Suowa signed a one-year contract for $2 million. Presumably the money will not be used to buy luxury cars, clothes, because in the heart of Fran Suowa, some important investment than NFL occupation career. He wants to use his business strategy to become a donut tycoon.

Francois Fran said he has not had as of 2009 49 rookie that care about the money. But as NFL wages rise, his attention has gone up.

In the League two from Russia age boy, Saint Louis Blues team of Vladimir Tara Schenker and the Chicago Blackhawks atemi – he in the game, although have been rivals like existence, but their presence is Freemasonry friend, who is also fighting alongside teammates.

Tara Schenker and he had participated in the 2010-11 U20 world championship, when they are in the same group attack, two were full of vitality and great threat to force the young striker, are full of a strong power to any other team, they will eventually help the Russian team won the world cup champion.

In the 2012-13 season, the two men in the KHL of the St Petersburg army team as a short teammate, then Tara Schenker left KHL and in the Saint Louis Blues opened his NHL career. Since coming to the blues in 2013, Tara Schenker has been working hard to convince the Blues manager to sign his former teammate, Panarin.

When he came to NHL before no one knows exactly how his strength, and his team in the end there will be much help. But Tara Schenker knew from the beginning, he has always believed that his future will become a very bright star.
We play together, grow up together, we all dream of one day to be able to score NHL.” He said that when Tara Schenker spoke at.

Now their dreams have been realized, but ultimately they could not be teammates again, 2015 cheap nike nfl jerseys Chicago Blackhawks signed that year and did not participate in the NHL draft Russia starlet atemi -‘.

Panarin in the NHL debut season is amazing, combined and Patrick Kaine had a very good chemical reaction, due to the salary cap that black hawk in recent years lost many good players, the team was in a slump, but Panarin appears as a boost for the Black Hawk, also brought new hope for the team.

“I earn money at the same time,” Fran Francois said, “I think” I need to prepare a retirement plan now, best can start saving money from now that “. So when I leave NFL, I don’t have to make NFL the only label. The team would say, ‘well, he’s a businessman. He’s smart. He knows what to do with the money.’.”

“I’ve been in business for ninth years. I’ve had several investments, and now I have a lot of opportunities. When I wholesale jerseys really leave the league, I don’t have to guess what I’m going to do…… I want to be a human being, and I hope I will be a positive teaching material for the union professor.”

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