Summary of NFL trading deadline

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on November 1st at 4 in the morning, the door has been closed trading season NFL2017-18. In the first 24 hours, which teams have finished the final operation? Let’s review it quickly. (content is sent, the latest deal arranged at the top)

1. Party A: Buffalo Bill team content: 2018 draft third round draft, /2018 draft seventh round of signing

B: Carolina Panthers: wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin

Benjamin will be in buffalo with Bill coach Sean – Mcdermott and general manager Brandon – Bean again. After both served in the Carolina Panthers team. Since August this year, Bill team trading took over after Sami – Watkins, the team four points guard Thai – Rhodes – Taylor has not found their number one outside take over. In the absence of Watkins, the Bill team outside the catcher has completed 45 times to catch the ball, pushing 594 yards, ranked the League outside the catcher position, the penultimate. In contrast, Benjamin, this season he personally completed the 32 ball, and scored two touchdowns record. The highest value of the ball 475 yards forward is the team number panther.

According to reliable sources, the Bill team will take over the Kelvin Benjamin income account transaction at the last minute before the Tuesday trading deadline. Team general manager Brandon – Bean has completed a major occupation career he operation. Bill team four points Rhodes Wei Tai – Taylor finally ushered in the first international a doubt over. It also shows’s determination to make a difference this season when the Bill team, with a record of 5 wins and 2 losses. If the buffalo people before becoming a member of the playoff contenders, now they should have the ability and the other teams desperate.

2. Party A: San Francisco 49er team jerseys: cornerback Rashard Robinson

Party B: New York jets: 2018 fifth round draft pick

The New York jets starting cornerback who is currently full of injuries. Maurice Claiborne on Sunday after a foot injury, has so far failed to resume training; Buster J Klein still in concussion protection list. Robinson has just joined the jets will likely debut in this Thursday team against the buffalo Bill team. As of 2016 fourth round pick, 49 teams had hoped that Robinson would serve as the top cornerback team this season, but because of his foul constantly, eventually being rookie cornerback Arklow’s players claimed spoon position. The 22 year old Robinson, in the past two seasons, played 13 games for the first team of 49 people. Maybe he can bring long-term impact to the jets.

3. Party A: Miami dolphins jerseys: running back Jay Ajay

Party B: Philadelphia eagles: 2018 fourth round draft pick

Running back in the team’s main Darren Rawls injury season under the condition of running back Jay hawks through the introduction of last year’s occupation bowl Ajay not only make up the gap at Rawls’s absence, more so that they can get further promotion of the road attack. The Miami dolphins have also won a valuable pick sign by this transaction after losing a big margin at 0:40 in the hands of the Baltimore ravens. Dolphins coach Adams – Gus last week told the media: “attack group Miami is the worst in the league. ”

Last season, the dolphins offensive team once the state average, but when coach Adams – Gus stop running back position by rotation, and the pavement offensive task all over to Jay Ajay, Miami offensive began to pick up. After losing to the Tennessee Titans jerseys, the dolphins with Ajay single game ball run 204 yards, defeated Pittsburgh Steelers, and the way the formidable offensive state maintained until the end of the regular season. However, even in the outbreak of Ajay’s 2016 season, his role is not a group of key players led the attack ride the wind and waves. Jia’s ground composite data ranked thirteenth in the league, but his success rate ranked only thirty-second. At this season, the ability of Ajay key attack seems to have declined. So far, he hasn’t been able to push 25 yards or more with a single ball, but last year, he chopped down 6 similar big yards. Meanwhile, Gass, the head coach of the dolphins, has publicly said that he is more inclined to finish the big yards instead of finding the gap, attacking the offensive choices of the blocked defenders. This is the core challenge of the deal. As a highly offensive team, the Philadelphia hawks believe they can tame Jabba and let him learn how to continue to make big yards in the Hawks’ offensive system. Obviously, Gass didn’t think he could do it, so he kept complaining about how Miami’s current attack group was torn apart.

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