The Steelers NFL superstar Antonio Brown

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The return of the prodigal son superstar NFL

The return of the prodigal son superstar NFL

Antonio Brown derailed young model after the conscience back pregnant wife.

A Monday week past so fast, but the off-season is still very long, today to talk to you as Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown story!

Antonio Brown, one of the best players in the league in NFL, when there is no game that is quite zhaofengyindie, after all, in North America, rugby player that is quite popular, if not some self-control, it will not have good results.

Antonio – Brown still belongs to the NFL player who has little gossip, but sometimes he still makes a lot of men’s faults. Not long ago, he was named Jana Flam, and a sexy model heats up the beauty, is currently on the social network resources and a lot of red net, Antonio – Brown is also a social network (when it is broadcast playoff madman to the locker room, let the Steelers coach patriot news network to detonate spray “the Steelers coach of the Patriots in the locker room shouted, but it was a” traitor “live”), Brown and Jana met in the network, in the course of contacts, Brown found himself fascinated by the woman who, despite his pregnant girlfriend, in this hot summer, he went to Jana’s arms.

And what is the woman will make Brown the man and a veteran in battle dumping her feet? The beauty of Jana is absolutely every man to stop, this blend of golden curls countless sunshine, stretches freely like the brilliant Jana 9 autumn chrysanthemum; half face, a pair of eyes revealed a Mediterranean Blue mystery, green ripples; beauty without makeup embellishment, jade Yan ashamed if lotus. Not little red lip, eyebrow painted and green.

The football field rhythm agonistic, jueshengqianli Brown to go by like the wind, the only body field under slightly relaxed, pregnant girlfriend, Brown a person how, fortunately Jana Brown has emerged as a hot heart quench temperature.

Jana accompanied Brown to attend a variety of occasions, the offseason Brown already forget football, forget the body fatigue training, forget the infinite anguish, now only around beauty can be companions for life.

But the passion slowly began to fade, Brown thought of his home is waiting for his girlfriend, how can he in this pregnant girlfriend need a person to accompany the moment to make this kind of thing, Brown’s retreat, he knew just the temptation of beauty Jana, his heart is always in his own girlfriend who is always in. Her unborn child. He chose to leave, the end of this struggle, to do a good man rectifies.

And Jana and Brown in April to end the relationship, she also realized that their own wrong, she also gradually relieved, and now she said that their relationship with Brown is just normal friends.

In separate Jana and Brown, Jana is walking in the street when asked to Brown, she said when playing fantasy football will choose Brown to his squad, and asked about the alliance blandas celebration array related issues when Jana is showing a shy. It seems that the past Jana has been laid down.


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