Sponsors challenge NFL leadership

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Pizza brands sponsor NFL but cold

In a telephone conference on Wednesday, local time, the NFL alliance officially designated pizza brand, rod John executive, expressed disappointment at the current NFL players’ protest during the national anthem.

Papa John’s founder and CEO John Schneider told reporters: “the NFL alliance hurt us. We were disappointed by the NFL League and their leadership in responding to this player protest. ”

Executives say the company is not investing in NFL TV ads, and the NFL alliance says it will give more advertising to rod John in the future.

Schneider thought that NFL could nip in the bud a year and a half ago, but they didn’t do it. Leadership is up and down, and the NFL alliance shows you what bad leadership really looks like. ”

After the revision of the next quarter’s sales expectations, Johns chairman and chief operating officer Steve Ritchie said in a conference call: “NFL alliance should be main reason for the decline in sales (the company), we expect this trend will continue, unless the NFL alliance can properly solve the players protest. ”

Ricky said, according to the survey, in cooperation with the NFL Alliance for two years, John is one of the best sponsors NFL best known, which means that the benefit of alliance with the NFL company’s image are closely linked.

John signed a partnership with 23 teams at the same time as signing the NFL league jerseys wholesale.

Company executives refused to disclose the loss of sales related to NFL, as well as the specific decline in sales. But surely, fewer and fewer fans choose to buy their products on the date of the game.

The United States on Wednesday local time, Papa John’s shares fell by 8.5 percentage points.

Boss questioned NFL leadership

Local media in the United States in the past few days, made contact with the 18 official sponsors of the NFL alliance, and asked for their alliance with the cooperation relationship, and their market is affected by the protests. However, only 5 sponsors responded.

Verizon communications company spokesman Jim jirisi by email to: “to discuss any partners with our company only open on both sides, and we equally to all partners, so we will not be announced plans for future cooperation. ”

Guiris adds: “we’re not going to criticise the public image of their NFL, just as I don’t think they’ll criticise our public image. ”

A spokesman for Hyundai said in a statement: “Hyundai and the NFL have maintained frequent links in all aspects of the partnership, including the National Anthem protests. We for both efficient and open communication satisfaction. ”

Danone Group under the Ouyikesi yogurt brand is the official partner of NFL china jerseys. Danone spokesman told reporters: “we will continue to pay close attention to the development of this situation.”. At present, the company has no plans to change the advertising and publicity related strategies. ”

Nike and Anheuser Busch Bush Corp (Budweiser InBev) have also issued similar statements to the companies mentioned above.

The following NFL sponsors or fails to respond within 24 hours, or refused to comment on the matter, including: the PepsiCo Inc, Mars Inc, visa card, Campbell Soup Company, Procter & Gamble, Castrol, McDonald’s, dr.sound (Jin Gongmen), the national mutual insurance company, Microsoft technology, United Services Automobile Association, Marriott International the hotel and Bridgestone tire.

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