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One of the components of an attack team in American football. It is an important part of most passing attacks. The naming of the outside team comes from their position on the court and their responsibilities. Normally, in the array, the outer players are separated from the sides of the court, near the sideline, relatively far away from the rest of the team. An outside catcher is usually the fastest running player on a team, and their exclusive responsibility is to catch the ball from passing players. Due to the characteristics of passing attack, the successful aerial connection will bring large numbers of advance, so the excellent outside catcher can become a big attack in the attack of a team. Today’s inventory, let’s take a look at the last 30 seasons, NFL10 single season best outside take over. A glimpse of their invincible style sweep away the millions of enemy troops.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Comment: Although Antonio Brown’s 14 season’s surface data were not as good as his 15 season, his 14 season surpassed the 15 season as a result of his more efficient red zone performance in the 14 season. 129 successful catches and 1698 yards of push yards, the crown outside the league. In addition, 13 touchdowns and his occupation career peak data. 71% of the catch rate makes it even more terrifying!

Sixth Jerry – Les 1987 seasons (12 regular season competition), San Francisco 49 team

Comment: les not only broke the catch record in the 1987 season, but also completed the feat in just 11 games. When some of the 49 veteran men were too busy with labor agreements and alliances, rice chose to concentrate on playing on the pitch. In that season, Les game completed at least one touchdown, with only 10 games tied the single season 18 ball Mark Clayton touchdown record. In the next two games, he is done every two touchdowns in the final 22 single season touchdowns data to create a new single season touchdown record. If the rice season in the 1987 regular season game now 16 games, he will be on a par with fifth players announced later.

Fifth – Randy – Moss 2007 season new England Patriots

Comments: Moss in the 2007 season, completed a total of 23 touchdowns, breaking the Jerry rice created in the 1987 season outside the single season touchdown record over the ball, in addition, Moss also gained 1482 yards in advance of number. Although it was the only season for Moss to enter the top 10, his 2000 season and 2003 seasons with the Minnesota Vikings were also among the top 25 in the list.

Fourth Calvin Johnson 2011 season for the Detroit Lions

San Francisco 49ers jerseys nfl

Comment: in the 1994 season, Les finished 112 catches, 1499 yards and 13 touchdown, but that wasn’t enough to make the season his personal career. 75% of the NBA’s highest professional success rates were in the top 50 of the leading leagues, at least trying to catch the ball. At the same time, he also completed 93 yards of the 7 runs, as well as 2 rounds. It was these running data that brought Les’s 1994 season to the second place from the tenth place. Jerry Rice’s 1993 season and the 1996 season are also among the top 25 in the last 30 years, with NFL taking the lead in the best of the season.

Dallas Cowboys cheap jerseys

Comment: 1995 is the year of taking over starlight. Herman Moore (Detroit lions) created 123 ball record. In addition, Jerry rice (San Francisco 49 team), Chris Carter (Minnesota Vikings) and Isaac Bruce (Saint Louis RAMS) have completed at least 119 times. A total of 7 receivers completed at least 13 touchdowns. However, according to the data analysis and performance score, a ball only 111 times, 10 touchdowns players have become in the past 30 years, NFL single season’s most valuable and most efficient receivers, he was playing for the Dallas Cowboys – Michael Erwin. Unlike other allies in the league, Erwin is known as the “key ball killer”. This season, he finished his first offense, or 98. Another player who won at least 84 starts was Moore, but he tried more than 41 times to reach the height of Erwin. Unlike rice and Moore, Erwin’s data were made in the face of more difficult opponents. This season, the Cowboys played against only one team that had passed the 20 place defense.

In addition to the best performances of the 10 single seasons mentioned above, there is also a good outside player who has to say. He is a former Indiana Colts wide receiver Malvin Harrison. Although not in the top ten, but the 2001 season with 15 touchdowns, 2002 season with 1722 receiving yards and 2006 total yards per catch season average 14.4 yards to his three season ranked eleventh to 20. Tomorrow, we will announce the NFL attack group another big kill – run guard’s 10 big single season best performance, please look forward to!

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