Seahawks general transfer after buying jersey number

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Monday morning from Dezhou Houston was traded to the Seattle Seahawks star Donne Brown left Jiefeng – he will continue to use the original number, number 76. That’s the first thing he should think about, after all, Donne – Brown has been using this number since he started College League, and he’s been using it for 10 years in the League for 76 years. Rugby is like many other sports. Many athletes use numbers as their symbols, such as Messi’s number 10, Jordan’s number 23, Kobe’s number 24. So Donne – Brown wanted to continue using his number, and even willing to spend money to buy this number. So no. 76 right tackle Jermaine Yifeidi he told the Seahawks to contact Jermaine Yifeidi in the first two seasons with the Seattle Seahawks have used is 76. Two people talked about a good price, Donne – Brown also said Jermaine Yifeidi did not embarrass him.

Of course this for Jermaine Yifeidi is not so difficult to do, because he is Houston, but grew up in Houston, his college also played for the Texas A&M college football team. It can be said that he before joining the Seahawks count on Houston Dezhou iron powder. The people in Dezhou all star left Jiefeng Donne – Brown is not worship. The 23 year old Jermaine Yifeidi recalled, in his teens, he watched a few seasons ago Donne Brown in the game on tv. This is the 3 time he entered the occupation in the bowl and won the $53 million contract before, Jermaine Yifeidi felt Donne Brown will become the backbone of the team.

Two of them in 2015 for the first time met, that was Jermaine Yifeidi in Seahawks with first round pick a year ago selected. He was trained at the Houston stadium, and he had a very good friend who knew Donne Brown, so his friends introduced him to Donne Brown.

Brown said, “Ifidi studied my game video and some training materials and wanted to meet me. So I went to the gym to meet him. Since then, we have always kept in touch after he was selected to Seahawks we still continue to keep in touch. And I told him he was playing very well.”

At the same time, both of them are used with a financial adviser, also the offseason Houston together in training a few times. Jermaine Yifeidi said: “this is really quite amazing, he can be with us together and will be in the Seahawks here again to show his dominance.” After Donne Brown to the Seahawks, in addition to Jermaine Yifeidi outside, there are several old acquaintances. Donne Brown at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University to play, with the Seahawks present for two years – Edward Qiang Wei Kam team. Camden – Edward recalls this week, jersey Brown in the college football jersey team will often take a punt cover off, even if he is from the front after proximal left to play offensive tackle too. In addition, Donne Brown and the right offensive guard O’Day – a bush (this season just signed by the Seahawks) played two seasons in the Dezhou team Houston. And Brown also with Wei Bo – Wagner than the midline. But Jermaine Yifeidi for Brown is more like a brother. Donne Brown said: “we in the past few years close.” It also allows them to change the number of things more easily.

A football jerseys player in order to buy their own love number, or even someone who had this flower up to $50 thousand, but the price is not fixed. Eric, who took over Dekker when he joined the New York jets in 2014, bought 87 for 25 thousand dollars plus a steak dinner. But also a number of transactions it is not authentic. In 2005, after Clinton had run in silk was traded to the Washington Redskins, willing to pay 40 thousand dollars to buy his No. 26. A wire to pay 2 million dollars to the safety of Weiaifeiniyi – Austria haylett. But then Austria Heller in training camp was laid off, a wire will default, did not give him the remaining $20 thousand. It finally went to court, and eventually boutisse supply Austria Haylett 1 million dollar 8000.

In the number of transactions in the Seahawks, Brown and Aoife Didu did not disclose the price, but it is significantly higher than the general number of transactions are cheap. Brown said: “he is not because this number makes me embarrassed. It’s really good for me, because I’ve been using this number for years, and I’m really happy that he can give me number 76.” Finally, Jermaine Yifeidi chose the number 65, he at the University for No. 74 have been injured left Jiefeng George Venter to the election, because the more than 70 numbers are basically to tackle loads. But Ifidi didn’t want to tell the other players to number, so he chose a nobody with the. He said: “No. 65 and No. 76 is a little bit different, but I don’t think that is what problem.” Because he sold No. 76 to Brown, even if the price was not so outrageous, but after all, he took the money.

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