Seahawks for Super Bowl jerseys road more difficult

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The Seahawks star cornerback for the season

The Seattle Seahawks, after the news conference, cornerback Richard Sherman teeter on crutches came in, dressed in a green suit, slightly funny. In the evening, they were wearing a fluorescent green jersey, a victory, perhaps he thought that green can bring him a good luck. I also ridicule, compared to the green suits, or green on the game better.

When Sherman learned that he might have missed the season after injury, he struggled to adjust his feelings and control his tears. Sherman choked in the dressing room and said, “we just have to be positive, and you can do it all.”.”

Sherman is indispensable in the team, and no one can replace him. In the Thursday night game, from his off the defensive, immediately see his role. His absence for the Seahawks defensive is fatal, but they expect for the super bowl, but cast a shadow.

Seahawks middle linebacker Bobby Wagner encouraged his teammates, let his teammates cheer up and be strong. Sherman can be called the best corner guard in the league, and there’s no doubt about that. By him at the regional rivals rushed to consider all pass. When he comes off, it will reduce a lot of pressure on the opponent. We are only going step by step, looking forward to the miraculous return of Sherman. Wagner knows very well what Hillman has done for them in these 6 seasons. So, he prayed for miracles, not without reason.

Wise Pete Carol picked Sherman from the fifth round of 2011 draft. He was ranked first in his defence, averaging only 203.6 yards in the field, scoring an average of 49.4 points against quarterback. A defensive defense group Sherman left the Seahawks, Seahawks jerseys nike defensive finish as high as 51%. In the face of opponents quarterback challenge, Hillman volley ratio as high as 81%, quarterback score is only 42 points.

Seahawks most needs to solve is the lack of core team defensive player of the problem. Last year, they found the safetys Earl Thomas at Thomas because of a hamstring injury in the offseason, the Seahawks just as mid season defensive player of the star players, but also temporarily unavailable.

But Carol still says sincerely, at present still can’t find a better way to deal with Sherman’s absence. He was like jerseys a fortress, full of competitiveness and toughness, all of which came through our efforts. It’s great, but tough, to be able to do that. His absence is a challenge for us, and for the iconic character in the team, his significance is extraordinary. Carol said excitedly.

Richard – Sherman also knows the challenges he needs to face, and this is something that must be faced as a professional player. In NFL, injuries are also part of the game. What Sherman needs most is to keep up with injuries and return to the team as soon as possible. You need strong Seahawks with their plans down a firm to face challenges.

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