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Dezhou new star with two super running guard selected

Not many players can take away the spotlight as a rookie. Fresh faces provide us with something new to talk about, because we see their performance in their initial career stages. The 2017 draft has long been considered one of the best players. In fact, some of the rookies this year aren’t just great, they’re trying to be the best players in the league.

Next, let’s look at the most impressive rookie of the season so far.

Deshaun Watson, quarterback, Houston, Dezhou

“It’s just another reality, and we see Houston, the rookie quarterback of Dezhou, winning a victory on Thursday night. “Even though the team lost the game in first weeks, it was like throwing a bucket of cold water. At the beginning of the 2017 season, de Sean Watson has been one of the most exciting quarterback of the NFL League jerseys this season.

When we entered the seventh week, de Sean Watson in the year with 15 touchdowns leading all the way though quarterback, during the second week of the game did not get the array data. But since then, Watson has not stopped his stunning performance.

The most impressive thing about Watson was his deep reading of some difficult passes. He scored as much as 107.3 of his pass when his pocket was about to break, ahead of all the quarterback. For a draft process is considered to be not the arm of the quarterback, so the answer is so satisfying.

De Sean Watson’s strong performance makes Dezhou people continue to hit the throne of the Champions League of South America with 3-3 results. Of course, there are strong rivals, the Tennessee Titans and the Jacksonville jaguars. With Dezhou’s current offensive, it seems unlikely to open up a dominant position. But in view of our first six games (seventh week holiday in Dezhou) to see the rookie quarterback Watson’s dazzling performance, we can continue to look forward to the future of the Dezhou Houston.

Kareem Hunt, run guard, Kansas City chief jerseys on sale

Unlike some of the other players, Kareem Hunter on the court to seize the opportune moment to show themselves, that he is a special player, he is in the 2017 season opener in helping the team win over the defending champion new England patriots. It is worth mentioning that he was not selected in the first round of the draft. In the past 7 weeks, Kareem and Hunter were the best rookie of the NFL league.

As the game went on, Kareem and Hunter continued to show us his amazing performance, as if to tell the whole league that his strength was not limited to just one game. This season Kareem Hunter with 124 offensive got 717 yards yards, plus 4 touchdowns in the league in rushing list position in the league, many running backs in yiqijuechen. How fierce is Hunter hitting the ball? According to the statistics, after the defense season, the defensive players are close to him one yards, his average number of goals can be ranked in the league’s second place. This season, the average number of run shots is 3.70 yards, and the average number of Hunter shots is 5.25 yards. It’s like someone else’s file, Hunter alone. Hunter, Kareem, has proved to be one of the best players in the race.

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