review of NFL third week games

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The giant was defeated Bill Mustang lore

All the game NFL third weeks after the game has ended, the only unbeaten team chiefs and falcons, 5 teams, and the giant tiger still winless, five games in overtime lore, scored two games, Brady led the Patriots staged the great escape, it is not very interesting, let’s take a look at the!

In the civil war more than 49ers a Mengliao, RAM

Although the first three rams are firmly in control of the pace of the game, made a big lead, but 49 people home court in section fourth using the opportune score will be rapidly approaching, they have completed in the fourth quarter manufacturing quickly dropped the ball up front kick – grab three gambling Zhuang Ju, if it is not the last time the character with luck they almost old rams over carrier. Zhuangyuanlang Jared – GF show in the game content is compared to last season, running back Todd changes in turn the world upside down, koal force is also credited with three touchdowns declared “RAM king” the return of the king. On the other side, the 49 coach has stressed that the attack is completely excited, quarterback Heuer 332 yards for two touchdowns performed well, the key reason for losing is too many mistakes, including steals, off the ball and release a record return touchdown. Full court score rams 41:39 thrilling victory over 49ers.

The London season Jaguar rout of the crow

At the beginning of the game “home court” combat Jaguar would show a strong fighting force, a crow swallow momentum, instead came to London for the first time is serious crow team defense group lost The climate does not suit one., its past glory, Joe Flacco until the end of the first half of the season to finish faster than the first success pass, and the crow team is slightly improved, then the team was not steals is off the ball, instantly down momentum. Before the three game Jaguar victory, the fourth competition both sides put on a bench, a regular season fight nhl jerseys for sale every inch of land was actually dubbed “America” meow “playing exhibition games, the final team in London was a Jaguar 44:7 crow massacre.

The saints slaughter Panthers on the road

Is Newton Kamm sent three steals Panther team lose the biggest reason, and the saints is a good use of the three ball, Newton compared to the young Daredevil, saints Drew – Bracey to sedate, 28 to 22, is eyesight, in the first half respectively. For Michael Thomas, Ted king and Coleman were fed cake to complete a touchdown early on the leading edge. The final saints away 34 to 13 victory over the Panthers, broke a popular medium round.

Bears overtime lore Steelers jerseys

The two sides are all played half strike, the first half of the incoming bears quickly, rely on the ground to obtain steady offensive touchdowns, the second half have the initiative the bears often made the mistake of the two ball conversion help the Steelers before the end of the equaliser in the final, the two teams played hard points in overtime. The first wave of attack overtime bears, running back Tariq Cohen, open runaway mode, break the line after running a 80 yard touchdown touchdowns, but this was the referee disallowed. Then the bears still advancing to the Steelers red zone, and finally by the best game of running back Jordan Howard scored a 19 yard touchdown to win the nfl game jerseys, home court bears 23:17 win over the Steelers, first win of the season.

The controversial verdict helped Falcon win

The Detroit lions just a little bit can continue their fourth quarter continue to reverse the myth, in times of emergency last fall behind, Matthew Staffordshire has long helped the lions at the end of the game stopped at the other end before the 1 yard line 11 seconds before the moment when Gordon’s backward touchdown zone, at all people are boiling, but after the referee carefully replays showed, Tate seems to be the first touchdown in backward region of the knee before the moment, the lions away from the victory is a few mm distance throughout the match, the lions showed a tough full, unhurried time behind Staffordshire showed, of great ingenuity. Only the falcons offense is too strong, the ball constantly sent the case can still win. The overall score, falcons 30:26, defeated lions, and won three straight victories.

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