Recruiting NFL and NHL jerseys content operations

By • Sep 5th, 2017 • Category: nfl sports jerseys news

Be able to come as soon as you can

With the announcement of an agreement with the American Professional Football jerseys League (NFL) to become NFL’s exclusive video broadcaster, it already has three major North American alliances, including NBA, NHL, and NFL. The North American professional hockey league (NHL) and NFL also have more and more fans in China, where you can watch rugby and ice hockey, muscle collisions, hundreds of tactics. See these fans will be very exciting, and now love football and hockey you also have the opportunity to participate in, put your interest in working with the combination, to bring hundreds of millions of users the most real stadium experience, the most authoritative event reports. If you love American football and ice hockey, welcome to join us.


NFL&NHL content operations

Job description:

Responsible for the NFL and NHL content boards, operations, maintenance, special planning, reporting, social media operations, etc..

Job requirements:

1, familiar with NHL jerseys, understand NFL, both can master better;

2 、 more than one year Internet work experience;

3, strong news literacy and sensitivity, good writing skills;

4, English level six above, listening, speaking, reading and writing are preferred;

5 、 skilled use of Photoshop software is preferred;

6. Able to work under pressure, meticulous and patient, strong sense of responsibility and strong team work spirit;

Application requirements:

1, a resume of Chinese, including personal data, relevant work experience, telephone number, etc.;
2, interested parties please send data E-mail to:, and in the subject of the message, “your name + apply for NHL&NFL editor.””;

3, resume in the body of the message (do not meet the requirements will be deemed invalid mail), while adding WORD document attachments;

Interview and job location: Beijing, Haidian District

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