Preseason blitz 21-19 rams nfl football jerseys

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Ram shot super face of lightning

NFL the preseason, the Losangeles rams, the Losangeles derby against Losangeles, is over. What happened in the game? Let’s have a good time:

The start of the game, four star Philip Rivers led the lightning squad for the first appearance, Rivers found wide receiver Keenan passes Allen several times to complete the advance, and then rely on running back Malvin Gordon continuous punching ball, then in the other half 45 yards, Rivers directly to pass to wide receiver Travis Benjamin finished 45 code of long distance touchdowns, leading the lightning. Then the rams offense, but the 2016 overall pick, good times don’t last long, defensive rookie of the year Joey botha take only 2016 rams front breakthrough show champion Jared GF, after GF was to kill the ball, the ball was lightning players – Malvin Ingram picked up and then easily return to the next city.

After Jared GF has led the rams offensive team play, then, Jared GF once again a fatal mistake, when passing instant lightning player Jason weileite steals, again the ball right away after Philip Rivers once again play, running back Malvin Gordon and then rely on the continuous red ball forward, Rivers pass to find Keenan, lightning football jerseys nike way into the red zone, then relying on Malvin Gordon to punch the ball lightning in the first quarter of 3 touchdowns, the game will take the moment.

The second quarter, rams finally picked up, running back Malcolm – Brown and Aaron – Green continuous punching ball forward, and finally stopped in the opposition half 24 yards, kicker Greg Zuerlaien firmly hit 42 yard free kick.
Then a new lightning card quarterback Jones DELL, but the embarrassment is in a single pass, lightning receiver Benjamin ball instability, opponents cornerback Dominic Hatfield will grab the ball, get the ball after the rams attack effect is good, but in the red zone before replacing rams quarterback but not man ion. In the red zone in the attack, Zur Ryan 21 yards free kick hit. Then, at the end of the half, the ram attempted a 57 yard free kick, and Zur Ryan’s free kick hit him again to help ram the score.

Halfway through the second half of the time, he finally completed a nfl jerseys footbal touchdown, Sean continuous size man ion passing forward, finally completed 38 yards passing line Reynolds advance directly touchdowns, rams continue to approach the difference, then the lightning fatal mistake, running back Andre Williams ball, the ball was ram get back, after the rams were given the opportunity to promote the more difficult, the rams continue to choose super long-range free kick, new kicker Travis a 53 yard free kick is firmly hit, RAM will divide the difference to only three points.

Then the lightning offensive disadvantage to punt, and the rams with self struggle by the anti super games of chance, Sean continuous large number of passing man ion propulsion, eventually try to ram 33 yard free kick, but the kicker Conns free kick 33 yards was accidentally kicked, the hand is likely to play in tomorrow you will be giving up ram.

Finally, despite the first quarter of Losangeles lightning has not been completed, but because the ram himself dug too big, points difference is difficult to recover, the game ended, lightning 21-19 victory over ram.

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