Philadelphia Eagles jerseys

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Philadelphia Eagles jerseys

The eagles cornerback front was shot on the sidelines of the toilet cleaners

People have three, this is normal, but sometimes this “natural” will have some very embarrassing situation, such as a NFL player in the game, if wearing full armor wearing helmets to fight in the field when suddenly felt the urgency how to solve it? The Philadelphia Hawks’ corner guard, Dexter – MacDougall, told people the solution was to solve them on the spot.

In Beijing on Sunday at the end of the Kansas City Chiefs against the Philadelphia hawks, MacDougall stood on the sidelines after feeling urgency, while the game is in a stalemate, the chiefs offense is from the potential, on the sidelines of Mcdou will be ready to play in the koal defense at any time, he felt the urgency in when he spent too unbearable more time to go to the bathroom to solve this problem, so in desperation, MacDougall made a very shy of the decision, he turned his back to the stadium, turn on the tap a solution itch. The result is facing MacDougall’s Philadelphia Eagles jerseys off-site security personnel, looking at MacDougall took out Panlong big things, but also can not help but be ashamed of the head turned to the side.

MacDougall was on the sidelines of a thing and not secretly to known, but at the same time, chiefs quarterback Arrakis Smith seemed to notice what the incarnation of Smith green Messenger, holding a road rushed to Mcdou Siegel located near the sideline, like cleaning aunt grab teach you here to prohibit defecation as Smith, put the camera to Mcdou Nagel’s body, all the time so MacDougall did was shot off, but Mcdou’s own and not aware of, and the Hawks trainer aware of strange people is very close to the sun, MacDougall put on a large towel don’t let MacDougall continue to block chunguangwaixie.

In fact, in the occupation sports field, a player on the sidelines while hiding secretly solve the urgency is not uncommon,Philadelphia Eagles jerseys as early as 5 years ago in the Champions League, the 1/4 final first round contest, when Mario gotze was in the warm-up in order to save secretly to the sidelines to go to the toilet, but it seems that all sports the photographer has a strange hobbies, players solve personal situation they can always be caught on the sidelines.
With the body unable to stop shivering, the original body was completely empty at once. This is a common thing, but it often brings a small but happy happiness. However, for the social development of civilization, we still pay attention to our behavior.

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