Peterson talks close to 49ers jerseys wiki saints

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Since March Adrian Peterson left his old 49ers jerseys wiki club Minnesota Vikings, the veteran running back so far have not found a formal job, he has visited the Seattle Seahawks, new England patriots and other teams, but in the end all settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. But recently it seems that Peter Sens will find a job, according to the news that Adrian Peterson is working with the New Orleans saints for contract negotiation.

The two party talks is at the beginning of the weekend of the contract, but so far, the two party in the negotiation process, but the two have not reached any agreement, but this has basically been on behalf of Adrian Peterson in no other team as the home of the case, the saints will be his fate.

Adrian, who was just 32 years old, left Minnesota last March after the Vikings did not implement his contract option.

If Adrian Peterson joined the New Orleans saints, so the interesting thing was that the new season Peterson can be directly against his former club Minnesota Vikings in the 2017 season, because the first weeks of night game, the saints will be away to the vikings.

At present, the New Orleans saints running back Mark is the first for Gram, but after Tim left to join the San Francisco saints Hightower 49 people, the urgent need to supplement the saints in depth. But we do not know whether Adrian Peterson is needed for saints running back. Adrian Peterson has the title level during a visit to the two teams with the Patriots Seahawks after all, because the price relationship did not continue, but the New Orleans saints may give Adrian Peterson a his contract, and that the saints may be difficult to want to champion Adrian peterson.

On the offensive end, sharks very careful if not three or four group, the team could play, 49ers jerseys wiki regular time will surrender in the game, the team a group of Thornton Pavel Khodorkovsky Marlowe three rare bear no 1 seconds of play much less visible, coach deBoer has given high expectations on their three people three, who created the sharks team for the 20 chances in 8, but the cost is the rest of several groups of forward all hit the opponent’s attack, although the return to the home court, the team will have a hand substitution advantage, but they can withstand the pressure of oil team is unknown.

Oil back to a group of people, Dreiser do played the best game of the series, his two deadly assists to help the team to complete reversal, scored four shots, in his best at the “corners” field performance with ease, to sharks caused great destruction, in addition to Sly Pisheh J and Dehane et al four groups also played a high level, if they can maintain such a performance, the sharks in sixth games will be very difficult.

The defensive line, playing sharks in a passive, so the team was forced to have sent Braun and Fra Sich’s defense, two minutes more than 33 minutes, with 15 blocked shots together, and the first Burns only 24 minutes of playing time, apparently in the hope that he will focus more on the offensive. Oil man, the team defender show the high level, the first section nares hit the post two times, Clive Bohm gunnery score, become the key to reverse the team.
The goalkeeper position, Jones in the second half of the game extremely brave, has repeatedly made unbelievable saves, with almost single handedly saved the team’s game, the game he can continue to bring such stable performance will be the key to the fate of the shark.

Bill, Jilisili, Aigo formally signed

United States time on Monday, Buffalo Bill did not choose to match the Patriots out of the contract for cheap jerseys onilne the defense of Gillis Leigh, so that the official joined the new England patriots.

Gillis Leigh agreed with the new England patriots a 2 year contract worth $6 million 400 thousand, including $4 million deposit is patriots as high salaries running back out of the few, because Bill in the period, the Patriots failed to offer, Bill can only abandon the powerful running back, and since Bill previously Gillis Leigh made a compensation tag, so the patriots are paid buffalo Bill a fifth round draft pick.

Therefore, in the introduction of universal patriots running back Burke Hyde Rex – continue to strengthen after running back depth, strong running back Sri is running for Geely patriot ground ball to add more talents in the Le Garrett Blount almost never returned to the Patriots case, the Patriots found style characteristics close to Gillis Leigh as a supplement. Gillis Leigh played 101 times last season and scored a total of 577 yards and an array of up to 8 goals, one of the best players in the Bill offensive.

Gillis Leigh also joined the Patriot Bill insufficient use of the salary cap for the successful operation of the second players last season, the Patriots introduced Chris – Hogan, Hogan finally won the first patriot to help the 4.51 super bowl, this offseason patriots scored Bill’s star cornerback Stephen Gil Moore and Gillis Leigh introduced, have to say the patriot bill player is love ah.

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