“Patriot” private aircraft

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Cost 200 million interior luxury

The defending champion, the new England patriots, may have a lot of holes in defence, but they have never had any financial problems, and this is still a local team. In September this year, the Forbes values list, patriots team value jumped to second in the world. Craft, the boss, is one of the richest bosses in the league, so players can solve their problems with bills, such as air travel.

In August, the Patriot bought two Boeing 767 wide body airliners and upgraded all seats to first class seats. Besides, the exterior of the airplane was changed to the logo of the team and five long Bardi Championship cups were painted on the tail. Depending on the mileage and maintenance conditions, such aircraft usually cost between $5 million and $65 million a year. A new plane costs jerseys $200 million. The reason for the two planes is that one aircraft will perform the main flight this season, while the other will be in reserve (or money).

According to the U.S. Rhodes island Airport Inc announced the news, the whole team patriots on Wednesday aboard their private aircraft first flight, it is reported that this trip arrangement is a first flight before the press conference, to celebrate the first flight, then it will be from T.F. Airport (airport official green patriot) of the destination is Tampa Bay in Florida, so as to prepare with the pirates away game.

The new England patriots are the only team in the league has its own private aircraft team, and bought two, because only the entire season ten football games, past NFL team jerseys is not considered buying a plane. Most teams choose charter trips, but with major airlines to large aircraft will be able to carry the whole team’s retirement, capable of carrying all the players and the team of logistics personnel and equipment needed for large jet aircraft due to near the critical point of upgrading needs to be completely updated and abandoned by the airlines. In the past few years, charter flights have become increasingly expensive, and the increasing cost of charter flights has made union teams more inclined to buy planes.

This Thursday evening, the Patriots will play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a private jet, the players don’t have to worry about the “travel” problem, boss Craft all arranged a first-class cabin seat, and allow the flat seat (chair). In such an elegant and comfortable aircraft, players can be guaranteed to relax as much as possible, prepare for the game, and help the players recover after the game.

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