Packers players injuries crises

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The packers lost five generals, and the crisis squad crashed

Packers clash with bears by accident.

The packers suffered heavy losses and the injured were overcrowded, which undoubtedly affected the game under way.

An opening packer attacked the pavement with an attack that he had never been good at. In the packers team fifth attack, still choose to walk the road, accident happened. Montgomerie in the offensive was to punch the ball bears 33 horn who hit directly Le Kells, clutching his chest, went to the sidelines, the degree of pain directly on his knees, then walked down the locker room. Soon the report, No. 88 Montgomerie Paowei rib fracture. The packaging industry and the loss of a major movement.

The accident continued, and in the first game, a heavy rain suddenly began, and the match was interrupted.

The second quarter opening, the packers rookie Paowei No. 30 Jamal Williams in an attack and hurt. Immediately, Wei Wei Black Martinez was also hit, and then undergo a concussion check. The injured condition did not stop like a rainstorm. In the ensuing match, packers and a guard, No. 48 Jo Thomas, ankle injury, did not return to the stadium.

The packers will lose 3 more marks.

The third quarter, the doom still did not disperse. Rodgers in an attack to pass the ball to take 17 of all Adams, Adams immediately by the violent collision of bears, fell to the ground, the situation is very critical. See the replays showed Adams was bears linebacker Danny Teweifan a particularly unnecessary collision, direct impact on the helmet helmet, a were knocked out, slow motion replays showed Adams’s mouthpiece already flew out, we can faintly heard the crash. Being hit by this degree, Adams suffered a head injury and was put on a stretcher, even if he had raised his thumb on the stretcher to show his condition. It was then taken to hospital for further examination. The packers have lost another player.

The whole audience booed. The smell of gunpowder grew stronger. Such an unnecessary move is really too cruel, too far.

No matter what the outcome may be, this game will cause a lot of complaints and complaints from the fans, and more and more public opinion will be held.

Even won the game, presumably the packers full no players happy, after all the game they lost 5 generals, two runs two linebacker and a wide receiver! The match was so damaging to the packers that the wounded packers had added 5 wounded after the match. Well, the packers are not going very well.

It’s not about winning or losing!

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