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The New York giants are authentic nfl jersys currently pursuing another player in the New York jets, center Nick Mangold.

The giant has just signed jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall, Marshall’s arrival can be very good to help Odell and Beckham play in the offensive end, then signed Gino Smith as Eli Manning bench.
According to the New York daily news, Mangold’s retired teammates said in mid March when the giants expressed interest in the Mangold. It has been confirmed that both parties want to reach a contract.
Mangold is the 7 professional bowl player whose arrival can be better tied to the giant’s offensive line, helping to improve the offensive line to the best.

Jim Neil, general manager of the star, said: “we will allow him to undergo surgery, the wound healed, in the recovery of the time to observe his training. We’ve talked to him. If he comes back, he wants to sign Dallas. He’s a star.”
In fact, in addition to the cause of the injury, there are things that haunt SHARP.

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It is reported that this is also the last year of the five year contract SHARP, his salary this season is $5 million 900 thousand.
In the two struggle with the concussion of the brain, his father was suffering from leukemia, the hard time, SHARP is showing a special tenacity. Dallas star Bill masters Award (today formally to the annual session, to show the tenacity of the sports spirit, or contribute to the ice hockey players nominated SHARP).

The team leader of star Jamie – Ben said: “in the difficult days we can see his character, both as a person and as a team leader. That’s why he’s always a success, and that’s why he’s the leader of the team and the role model for the players.”

SHARP in October last year for the first time suffered a concussion, quit the game, but also in the second encounter in December.
SHARP played a total of 48 games this season, hit a total of 8 goals scored points. The eight goal is jerseys china his career since the fall season.

Mangold has been a top player since the first round of 2006 was selected to maintain the competitiveness of the first round, since then has started 164 games.

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