NHL’s strongest three forwards jerseys

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From the start of NHL there are two days, wheatgrass has for fans of Amway wave goalkeeper and defender, next to the grand launch of our strongest striker. (friendly reminder: NHL excellent striker beyond count last season, so wheatgrass comprehensive performance from the left winger and right wing wing and center each chose a star.)

Three, Brad Machand, Boston brown bears

In the early years of his style, he got a nickname “rat” (mouse), but he was very open, just playing his own, fined, suspended, and still the most wild himself. The horse is only 5 feet tall and 9 inches (1 meters 75), weighing 181 pounds (82 kg), in ice hockey this high against the competition there is no advantage at all, but he will play to the extreme speed, especially in the less aggressive and more, often break the opponent’s defense gap for shooting. The horse is still 80 games last season with 85 points, 39 goals and 46 assists, the efficiency value of +21, compared with the past few seasons, pony brother continued Archer assists in nature, is strive for further improvement, the less hit scored 3 goals 2 assists, is many teams playing a. Although the horse is still in the international competition has proved himself (2016 World Cup goalscorer) debut, winning the Stanley cup, but has not yet won individual awards, hope that the new season left winger bestowed with the Richard rockets can win the cup (top scorer), led the Bruins into the playoffs.

Two, the Patrick Kane Chicago Blackhawks nhl jerseys

A physical quality is not the best but is able to make a public Gao Han played the skills of striker – “Monkey King” Kaine hand work alliance a rod is extraordinary, homely food. Last season, maddening three awards, scoring 100 Kaine this season is the first half of the season striking one snag after another, in the second half goal drought, especially in February opened kuangtu mode, 11 games scored 19 points, the final total score (89 points) just behind Mike Dafydd, and Crosby tied for second. Monkey King regular season scoring three times in six years and be nothing difficult, lift the Stanley cup, created the Black Hawk Dynasty, but the two playoff mediocre, plus a spark left partner he was traded to Columbo’s blue team, there are many challenges facing the new season Kaine.

Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh penguins

Fans should be very familiar with the “golden boy” Crosby, he has the league’s most dazzling resume, individual, club and national team accolades. In 2005 the penguins drafted to champion he was known as the “Lotto”, because his arrival saved Pittsburgh’s low ball city and penguins on the verge of bankruptcy. G Diego debut performance was very wonderful, but also attracted a lot of infamy, such as diving (diver), complaining to the referee (whiner), but also by the fans brought with another Diego Aoweiqijin compare to, but two people each achievement, but also is a story. Everyone is Daokeluosi than the winner in life, most difficult to get in the playoffs even MVP village, four (Olympic Games, world championships, world cup and Stanley cup) the only club to a captain, but who can understand him in 2011 because of a concussion missed nearly a season of pain, even when time is about to enter the peak of the occupation career Leng, with will survive and continue to lead the team to create a miracle.

Crosby’s greatness lies in his constant progress, scrimmage, offensive and defensive ends…… Some people nhl jerseys questioned his shooting than the emperor Ovici Kim, he used the Rockets face the playoffs this year second cup; third wheel Washington Capitals game in less than three minutes by malicious foul, injuries to the head, after he was helped off the other team fans are happy, but he only had a fight to play the. In the offensive team downturn, he always takes the lead shot morale; finals team mate Horn Quist scored the winning goal after the penguins on the bench but he reminded everyone hold together to form a clique, the game is not over.

The last regular season game total score behind super star Mike David finished second, an interview with reporters whether he will have a sense of crisis, he just smile: so many good people, I am very happy, I will continue to work hard and not let myself too much behind. The new season that wheatgrass fans and friends are looking forward to the Crosby and Mike Dafydd of the two stars exciting showdown, and Hart cup winner.

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