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Carlsson and Burns hutch hegemony

In today’s NHL North American Hockey League, who was described as the most outstanding elite defender is always a permanent topic for debate endlessly between fans. That superstar defender in the league we have to think of Eric – Carlsson, Brent – Burns, all the big names. In fact, the discussion of today’s NHL’s most important guards is doomed to a final conclusion. Just like everyone has a MVP in his heart. The following is our NHL Network according to the published at the end of August the League 20 guard list, the top three players will give you a brief introduction to do.

1. Erik Karlsson, Senator of Ottawa

Senator Eric, 27, Carlsson, has won the best defender award twice ever since he was young. And in the best defender of the last two years, his votes have gone well ahead of other candidates, with second of the votes in the past two years. In the past 8 seasons Carlsson played in the Ottawa Senate, he has 4 season scored more than 70 points, in the 2015-16 season is as high as 82 points, NHL is the greatest in the history of the most outstanding offensive guard. This year has been the end of the Stanley cup playoffs, with two foot fractures of Carlsson is still playing hurt, the whole team will support his tough 19 games, a total of 18 points (2 goals and 16 assists) to get, the efficiency value is +13, averaged 26:50 long ranked team first, fourth in the league. In addition to his excellent ability to attack, Carlsson also had exceptional defensive skills. Last season he ranked second in the League for blocking shots. In general, the Swedish “little fox” – Eric – Carlsson is an energetic, tireless elite guard.

2. Brent Burns San Jose Sharks

2016-17 league season best defender award winners – Brent Burns, last season with 29 goals, 47 assists, totaling 76 points the first outstanding achievement ranking in all guard scoring list, which is to create the best results in his occupation career, worthy of the Norris prize when the pick. Burns, like a permanent engine in the shark’s backcourt, has not missed a game for three consecutive seasons and is full of all 82 games of the regular season. And last season with his 320 shot of positive ranking in the first in the entire league in the league, if you want to find another attack in the data can compete with the defender is perhaps the only mentioned Senator captain Eric Carlsson. Burns, 32, may be nearing the end of his career peak, but at least for now, there is no doubt that Burns is the absolute core of the San Jose Sharks lineup.

3. Drew Doughty, king of Losangeles

At the end of September just after the end of the NHL Chinese match, duel Pacific two teams in Losangeles and Vancouver for the Chinese King Canucks fans offer two fantastic top ice. In the ShangHai Railway Station, we also have the opportunity to witness the 2016 League best defender Drew dowdie ice technology. Only 27 year old dowdie in his absence nearly 9 seasons in the occupation career 16 games the past five seasons he averaged too long when the team has been ranked the top of all kinds of advanced data as well as brisk. Dowdie in 2012 and 2014 has twice to help the king the team won the Stanley cup, the achievement, the League of the few defenders to match. Kings now changed their new coach, with two championship rings Drew dowdie, in the new team system, he will still be one of the key players in the team, the role of the market is self-evident. We also hope that with the new season the arrival of the king of Losangeles to return to the glory of the year slowly, Drew also look forward to re – dowdie lifted himself in the near future the second Norris trophy or third Stanley cup.

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