NFL’s strongest rookie came back after a car accident

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Elliot returned after the accident

A week ago, faizel Elliot because of an accident and nfl game jerseys the absence of the United States on May 21st the team organized voluntary training camp, but the good news is that after Elliot does not matter this week, Elliot has returned to training with the team, and as Elliot’s last season he won the NFL red ball is Mawang like, last season Elliot completed what feat, there is no need to repeat our.

So Elliot is not in the car accident was the other dangerous cowboy is definitely lucky, to know that this is not the first time Elliot in the offseason, the playoffs this year, Elliot was involved in a car accident or small, in general, these two accidents are Elliot was involved in the party, he can only say is down on the luck. At least two accidents are not caused by too much damage.

Return to training after Elliot need to assume more responsibility, before coach Jason – Jones Witten and Jerry two people said that in addition to punch the ball, Elliot will assume responsibility for the attack as part of the ball is about to enter the second grade, the rookie will show more talent. In addition to Elliot, such as Jason Witten and Sean – Lee such stars are the main injury in the body, may need to continue treatment. And the injury in the camp, Jielun – Smith, Tyrone – Crawford, Laurence and Stephen DeMarcus – who also need to continue treatment, they will continue to miss cowboy training, but Elliot, in a car accident after a week, she will go to let him join the team’s training.

“He needs training, you can’t make it more complicated, he will not participate in team training last week, he is a young player, he has a good beginning last year, but he still need to continue learning, Elliot also love training, he loves football, he is eager to play. Even though he wasn’t able to practice last week, he still did some running, you could see his passion, he liked the pitch, he’s getting better every day.” Cowboy coach Gareth said. Elliot is absolutely passionate about football and if he can handle some of the sidelines, he will probably be a long star.

Bracey is very pleased with the new aid

Adrian Peterson at the New Orleans saints training camp with impressive things, and coincidentally, in addition to a 32 year old veteran offensive also on the training field show good condition.

In a full team training as well as a 7 hit 7 training, wide receiver Ted Jean show their iconic speed, nfl jerseys china received a profound distance two passes from Drew – Bracey, he also completed several people find everything fresh and new catch. For his new teammates, the catch was impressive, reminding people that even though jean has stepped into his eleventh season, the catcher will still be able to keep that pace. Drew – Bracey specifically mentioned the veteran, his personal ability surprised Bracey,.

“Jean’s performance impressed me not profound, I think he is a good player, he is a veteran, he spent a long time in NFL, he played football for a long time, I think he played great in the past few years, he become more sophisticated, I think he has brought us a lot of important elements of wisdom and leadership, but he also maintained a high yield of play.”

“He doesn’t look like he’s running. He can fly.”!” Bracey spoke highly of Jean because for a long time, Drew Bracey had more of his ability to take over many of the saints. Like Jean, an exceptional outside player, Bracey believes he can complement jean.

Over the past two seasons Jean does have a very good performance, he spent two years in the Carolina Panthers 2015 season, he catches the ball 739 yards forward scored 10 touchdowns, 2016 season he scored 752 yards and 4 touchdowns, not only that his great speed, so he has a good knowledge of in return, last season his 202 punt return yards, 391 kickoff return yards.

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