NFL VS NBA? Who’s better?

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Fan experience: the NFL theme party vs NBA single party

For all the European fans, the London game is a carnival about rugby. Before the game, many London landmarks, including Trafalgar Square and Regent Street will be held at NFL street party; and the venue outside on the grass, there will be a large number of traditional barbecue. On the day of the competition, there is a huge VIP stand in the Wembley Stadium, which sells expensive match day packages, including a meal of three main meals and band dance. With the injection of new built by NFL alliance Tottenham Hotspur stadium was completed, the future of London fans viewing experience will be more complete and pure. As the London Games tradition, regardless of venue for the team from where many local fans will be wearing their favorite players Jersey arrived spectators. From Detroit, Dallas and New Orleans, American fans will also fly scene, his hometown team cheer.

In contrast to NFL, the NBA London jerseys wholesale match is more like a simple concert, and the peripheral elements of the event are completely incompatible with the NFL. The NBA alliance will hold some low-key fans in London, but none of these can rival NFL’s pre match parties.

Adrian: NFL vs NBA to capture the celebrity.

Although many celebrities will be there to watch the NFL London match, but because the stadium can accommodate nearly 80 thousand fans, it is hard for spectators to find giant stars hidden in the grandstand.

But the NBA alliance has a great advantage in this field. For a lot of fans watching NBA London, watching celebrities is as exciting as watching the ball. Though London is not like New York, Losangeles and Miami, there will be no Beckham, Lear, Wayne, Drake and Kim Kardashian, but the city also has its own star power.

The former Arsenal soccer superstar Thierry Henry love with some current and former football star attended the match. Former Chelsea star Didier Drogba is also used to sitting alone in the stand to watch the ball. Last year, Henry and Mesut Ozil, a Alex – Sanchez, Tottenham Federer – Ali and West Ham goalkeeper Adrian has been at the scene of the London games.

The game itself: NFL vs NBA is a little tedious

As there were only 16 games in the NFL regular season, each team participating in the London match was highly valued and the game jerseys nfl was more ornamental. Although all 4 games of the season ended with a big score, the London tournament last season was still very exciting. The Washington Redskins jerseys china and the Cincinnati tigers through overtime, or shake hands with the score 27:27; the Jacksonville Jaguars are narrowly defeated the Indianapolis Colts 30:27. In addition, no one can forget the 2008 London tournament, New Orleans saints four point guard Drew Bracey, and his successor in the Santiago lightning team — Philip Rivers’s positive confrontation. In the end, the saints won the 37:32 score, and the happy New Orleans fans celebrated and even spilled a large number of colorful Carnival beads into the air.

However, because of the competition system of the 82 games of the NBA regular season, many teams continue to run between cities. Therefore, in the London match, there is always a team that is not prepared enough. In all 7 NBA of the London Games, only two games of the participating parties bite the score until the final whistle. In 2016, the Orlando magic and the Toronto Raptors just staged an overtime drama, and soon was last year the Denver Nuggets Pacers to score 140:112 victory over Indiana will dilute.


Considering the above 5 aspects, the operation of the NFL alliance is much better than the NBA alliance in the London market alone. Among them, competition and the lack of surrounding cultural activities are the key to NBA’s difficulty in catching up with NFL. At the half NFL special court, the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium is in the big background. In the next few years, the NFL London market will continue to remain a leader in NBA.

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