NFL United Nations player of the Week Award

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Today, NFL fifth week best player officially released, which players are listed on the list? Let’s have a look:

Rodgers guards change it again

United Nations best offensive player: Aaron – Rodgers

This week the National League week offensive player belonging to the Green Bay Packers jerseys elite quarterback Aaron Rodgers, last week against the Dallas cowboys in the game, Aaron – Rodgers once again let the people of Dallas to see his horror at the end of the game, Aaron Rodgers used his personal ability to lead the team in advance, Fourth the countdown stage, the successful pass defant Adams completed 17 yard touchdown line since last season, National League semi-final, Dallas Cowboys again lore. The game, Aaron – Rodgers 29 pass in 19 to take 221 yards for 3 touchdowns, rushed the ball 4 times and scored 32 yards, which finished in the final stages of a 10+ code to punch the ball first down conversion, laid the foundation for the packers win. The best attacking player, Rodgers deserves it.

Best defensive player of the League: Earl – Thomas

In the game against the Losangeles rams, Earl Thomas became the game to the player, he made the ram Vague Jilly dropped the ball in the end zone, let a great ram lose chances to score, he also completed a Jared – GF steals, in addition, Thomas scored 7 times grab him repeatedly stopped ram attack in the first attack before the line, the best candidate absolute defensive player of the League of nations.

The NFC special teams player: Cajun – Bana

The Philadelphia hawks punt returner Cajun – Bana successfully elected this week in the NFC special teams player against the Arizona Cardinals of the game, he almost single handedly destroyed the opponent, the game he completed a total of three punt return, with 110 yards, 37.6 yards to size. Very good performance.

United’s best offensive player: Malvin – Gordon

Malvin Gordon once again ranked the best week offensive player ranks, as lightning first win key player jerseys china this season, Malvin – Gordon in the game against New York giants in 20 made to punch the ball 105 yards, while the all running backs also completed 6 receptions with 58 yards and 1 decision the trend of the game touchdown.

The American League’s best defensive player: Smith Taierwen

At the weekend, the Jacksonville Jaguars beat Pittsburgh Steelers game, Smith almost let the opponent had a psychological shadow, the Steelers ran Weile viand – Baer Smith was repeatedly violent a full, Steelers quarterback Ben Ross Chis Berg was Smith steals, then Smith also completed a touchdown return.

United States best secret team players: Adam – Viniateri

The Indianapolis Colts veteran kicker Viniateri any in the game ball 4 penalty 4, and in overtime, he hit the nfl jerseys game winner is 51 yards of ultra long kick, help the Indianapolis Colts next season with second wins, the American League best week special working group Adam Viniateri is non player.

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