NFL Trump speech through protest

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Social injustice is the focus

At noon on September 24, 2017, Chicago City Court soldiers Illinois the upcoming NFL regular season for third weeks, the Chicago bears home court against Pittsburgh Steelers game. According to the American occupation Sports League practice, before officially at the beginning of the game players, coaches and the audience will join the National Anthem ceremony, to express their respect for the country and respect those soldiers who lost their lives in the United states.

However, with the usual National Anthem ceremony, the players stand to pay tribute to the flag on the touchline scene is different, the soldier field away on the bench only the Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, offensive line coach Mike Chuck and Mongolia figure running backs coach James Isaacson. All the Steelers players without trace.

At the same time, along with the national anthem sounded, the soldiers in the stadium entrance road tunnel, had served in Afghanistan the U.S. Army Rangers, the Steelers left Jiefeng Alejandro Vera Nueva, was the live camera to capture the United States Cbs Broadcasting Inc stood alone in the hot sun, hands placed on the left chest, the expression for him respect the national flag.

Although the Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and Vera Noe Wa himself after the incident foreign clarification, the independent tribute is actually an accident. At that time, Vera Noe Wa’s own war experience based on want to see the flag position, and the Steelers teammates stand together. However, because the national anthem sounded unexpectedly, the Steelers players in order to maintain respect for the national anthem and the future and go to Vilanu Villanueva’s side, the emergence of a strange scene he was alone in the National Anthem ceremony. But Vera’s photos have become the best media works in the biggest storm in America’s sports circles. The origins of the storm are traced back to two days ago, U.S. President Donald – Trump’s controversial remarks against NFL players.

Trump Mengpi Capet kneeling protest player Nick gate review

In addition, Trump pointed out that last season by former San Francisco 49 quarterback Colin Capet Nick in when the National Anthem ceremony on beginning players public protests are “damage to the NFL game jerseys”.

Trump mentioned Capet Nick kneeling door started in August last year, San Francisco 49 preseason games.

Over the next few days, a wave of peaceful protests during the National Anthem began to prevail in American sports. Garfield high school football team, Indiana women’s basketball team fanatic Feinikesi mercury, women’s basketball team, the Houston Rockets basketball team, New York Nicks men’s basketball team and the Boston Celtic men’s basketball team are to hand in hand, kneeling posture and manner, in the National Anthem during the ceremony and expressed their attention to the problem of social injustice.

At the end of the NFL2016 season, Colin – Capet Nick chose to jump out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers jerseys wholesale and have been looking for his new employer, but so far he has failed to secure a new contract.

The first week of the 2017 season NFL game before the season, former Oakland Raiders comeback “beast” ran Wei Ma Sean – Lynch in the National Anthem ceremony during the sit on the touchline energy drink box, expressed his support for Capet and Nick protest movement. And a day later, the Seattle Seahawks team player Michael Bennet also continue to remain seated during the National Anthem ceremony, as in the past to express his attitude in the movement of.

President Trump’s controversial remarks against the NFL players, as well as the ongoing anti Trump campaign in the US sports world, are continuing. We can expect that in the coming weeks, there will still be many players expressing their concerns about national unity and social issues in a variety of ways on the NFL. However, in the United States, colored injustice and police violence happen frequently, perhaps Trump just poked into the hearts of the American people. The only thing that can heal the pain is a more harmonious social relationship. And that may not be a president. A star, a team, or even a sport can change.

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