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They are amazing speed, abnormal body!

The alliance on exposure after four bits is run, the passing time, a movement is particularly important in the game. Want to get a great line on four points, there is no a good position to complete the connection, this goal is not complete. Today let us try to understand the movement in the league’s top.

First of all let us know Cowboys Paowei star Isawa Yoshil – Elliot, 16 years of the draft on fourth was a cowboy selected, such a high priority to benefit from his university career performance, won 43 touchdowns in the University League, the average ball 6.7 yards in the finals against the University of Alabama in 36 the ball for 246 yards and 4 touchdowns. This amazing performance is enough to win every team in the league.

After Elliot entered the league, its tough physical quality immediately showed, whether it is to use the ball to break through the defense, or in the high-speed running under the disguise of the ability to display its elite level of athletic ability. He weighed 228 pounds as a movement, we can imagine the melee ability. Only 22 years old, he has completed 322 receptions for 1631 yards and 15 touchdowns run. This result does not depend on its performance in University, to know the majority of College star players in the NFL, it is difficult to adapt to the changes, and the performance of Elliot as in college, very dominant.

Elliot, for the team, can play a role both as a leader and as a player. However, the temper he once again because the fight was the League suspended for six games, but this superstar Paowei Cowboys moment are not to lose, as many senior management and alliance appeal, just before the start of the season was announced to the same team nfl jerseys in September 10th and the Giants game play, then let us look forward to his performance.

Another Cardinals Paowei David Johnson is different, and there is no bright season, the 2015 draft pick eighty-sixth Cardinals was selected, after entering the Cardinals rookie season, behoove become number three substitute paowei. The first half of the season was flat. He occasionally gave his opponent a hard hit, but in the second half of the season he proved his value to his fans with his tireless efforts. His wonderful moments were called “little beast patterns” by fans, which showed his great explosive power.

Powerful David Johnson is his constant insistence, from not being paid close attention to the 16 season into the occupation bowl, only a year’s time, he can enter the occupation bowl, first is the amazing run 1820 yards, and 1336 yards receiving total yardage, visible as a comprehensive positioning technology the. 40 yards run 4.5 seconds, vertical take-off 1.05 meters, this performance called it “small beast” is not excessive.

Johnson’s name is too common, there are too many such names in the United States, but David Johnson is explosive, the first thing you would be crazy, in his first career occupation competition, in the face of the New Orleans saints, a 55 yard touchdown run, who can not be crazy, Johnson rushed the ball number seventh, touchdown run alliance alliance in 2017 second, 100 star ranked twelfth. But we only look at the data, it is difficult to understand the terrorist offensive, only in the real game to enjoy the madness he brought us.

In the league’s top Paowei natural and ultimately viand Lee Baer, a member of the “3B” combination. From the prestigious Michigan State University football jerseys during his 13 years in the second round of the NBA draft by the Steelers selected. After the two selected occupation bowl, in season 26 rush touchdowns, 5 receptions for touchdowns,jerseys online nfl very good and get rid of the defense line running ability, let the Ross Chis Berg in a number of key passes in the firm to choose him.

Baer in 2013 to enter the training camp began his career in the steelers. In the preseason, against the red skin in the game, unfortunately injured, but fortunately minor injuries. Three weeks later, he saw his real career debut. At Wembley, he didn’t have any nerve on his debut. The newborn calf generally takes 57 yards to run, in the rookie season he has already captured 244 times to catch the ball, 860 yards advance, and has 8 time rushes to run the array. In general this movement in fact rare.

Fifth years into the league, Baer ushered in his first playoff game, the first few times the team is not a bad record, it is their injuries, and eventually failed to do so. He’s got a bigger test in the playoffs. Who would think that he once again gave up 167 yards away, and record two touchdowns, and led the team to a 30 to 12 beat the dolphins, just a week after he broke the amazing team single game rushing record of 30 yards, 170 yards off the ball. The team also laid the chief tone of defeat.

In the new season from the fort Reynolds blood man to continue to own talent in the Steelers, as the Steelers generally use their own body to break through the tight encirclement, again and again to give the opponent hit, will bring to the team victory.


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