NFL teams submit new season players list

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Arizona Cardinals v Denver Broncos

At 4 a.m. on September 3rd, it was the deadline for NFL teams to submit their list of 53 people for the new season. So in the past 24 hours, there have been several significant deals in the NFL coalition, layoffs and signings. Let’s hurry to preview.

Return to the Denver Broncos vhailor Oswald

All of the regular tournament backup quarterback Paxton Lin Qi will miss at least September due to the team, the Denver Broncos announced on Saturday evening and the old Brock Oswald Wheeler as a one-year contract. This contract will come into effect on Monday to accept the Broncos Oswald vhailor examination.

Oswald vhailor occupation career first 4 years were spent in the Denver Broncos. In the second round of the 2012 draft, Aus Ville was picked by the wild horse, and in the summer, Payton, the former quarterback of the team, Manning joined the wild horse as a free agent. From then on, he began his 4 years as a substitute for Manning. Won the Super Bowl 2015 season at the Broncos, Payton Manning had a foot injury missed 7 games, and finally Oswald Wheeler in four years for the first time in the first opportunity. After the preseason game experience, Brown team finally found Oswald has turned to the Xiumunandiao vhailor, rookie DeShawn Cazale as the team new season starting quarterback, and cut the Bullock Wheeler more in name than in reality.

According to the contract, the Denver Broncos will pay $775 thousand for the old wages, and Brown Cleveland team still need to take the rest of the 15 million 225 thousand annual salary. From the regression of Oswald Wheeler we can only hope is that the Broncos offensive team coach Mike Mccoy was in the 2012 season and Oswald Wheeler has worked. Oswald vhailor should be able to quickly adapt to Mccoy’s offensive system. However, it is still unable to change, is currently in the League vhailor overpaid quarterback this fact.

Robert Aguayo has once again been cut

Show the ups and downs of kicker Robert Aguayo did not appear in the Chicago bears finally submitted a list of 53 people, which means that the former two round pick in the offseason in the second encounter release.
Aguayo in college is an excellent kicker, as Florida Lisai Seminole team players jerseys nike, he was selected to three NCAA Football League first team. As a result, the Tampa Bay pirates, also in Florida, picked the potential graduate in the second round of last year’s draft. However, Aguayo rookie season dismal performance, 31 shot only hit 22 times, 71% shot success rate to make the team feel satisfied. In the new season in the first week of the game, Aguayo in three shot missed two times (a free kick, an additional points), finally, he was giving up fellow florida.

Subsequently, Aguayo joined the Chicago bears. However, in the first attempt of the preseason, second weeks, his 49 yard free kick again flew out of the right post. After the training and competition, the performance is also good to say aguayo. As a result, he failed to escape the fate of two degrees.

Interestingly, the Chicago bears football team for the new season first hand Connor Barth is in the last year was released by the pirates. The main reason is the release of Pirates bath because they chose the current state of fiery rookie kicker Robert aguayo.

Denver Broncos released Super Bowl safetys T.J. Ward

U.S. local time on Saturday morning, the Denver Broncos announced to safetys T.J. Ward, he failed the Broncos season list of 53 national people’s congress.

As one of the Mustang’s fiftieth – time Super Bowl players, Ward was respected in the Mustang, and his position in the dressing room was also important. However, this season is Ward last year with the Broncos contract, rookie Justin – Simmons is the team to hold high expectations and Ward’s own thigh injuries and other factors, the three occupation bowl player for the future before Saturday has been the U.S. media attention.

Is it a deal or a layoff? The question was finally answered. However, how the team will deal with the abolition of players, psychological fluctuations become the next topic we need to pay attention to. Outside guard – Miller used to back T.J. Ward on Thursday night, and strongly opposed Ward’s departure from the team. Another main line jerseys from usa guard Brandon Marshall and Thursday afternoon issued on twitter, expressed respect for T.J. Ward.

Perhaps, from the financial point of view and the lineup of the Denver Broncos made a good decision, however, we can know Ward leave a psychological impact on the rest of the players only after the start of the regular season.
Patriot pony Jia Kobe Bulisaite – each one takes what he needs and Philip Dorset swap.

The United States Saturday at noon local time, the new England patriots and the Indiana Colts reached an agreement with the former backup quarterback Kobe Jia Bulisaite for the backup wide receiver Philip Dorset.

In addition to the above four important operations, Pittsburgh Steelers in the list before the deadline to complete the transaction. They use the third grade students, took over from Brown’s hands – Sami Coates in exchange for a 2018 sixth round draft picks. At the same time, the Steelers cornerback Ross Kirk Riel sent to the New York giants, the harvest of a restricted picks.

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