NFL superstars are following NBA players

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Anthony into the thunder, choose Baotuan, actually cited NFL giants have followed

Cameron Anthony recently joined the Oklahoma City Thunder, this one stone Mottaki, NBA Western powers to completely change the pattern, Cameron Anthony came to a will again bring him into the finals and finals team, in 1, James decided to take refuge in Jinzhou after 2, Durant warriors, Paul this summer – George, Russell – Westbrook and Cameron – Anthony composed a super star Baotuan combination. Seeing the NBA star group PK wave intensified, as the first North American Sports League NFL and a star natural heart are countless words to say, let’s take a look at the star Baotuan views NFL superstar.

As the highest star endorsement contract NFL is currently the highest commercial value — Odell – Beckham in the summer and Nike signed a NFL history value, and Cameron Anthony for the New York superstar, watching Anthony finally determined to give the New York world to poor Oklahoma City, Beckham hearts may inevitably lead to some ideas. After all, Anthony in order to and George, Wei less composed of three giants, decisively gave up the transaction veto, just to return to the west to pursue the playoffs, to challenge the power of the warriors of Jinzhou, to compete for the NBA championship. Anthony, George and Westbrook are unable to lead the field of 5 basketball go further, not to mention the Odell Beckham single handedly to change a 53 man football team, perhaps now Beckham heart is brewing a big chess.

“Although our defence team has been doing well, the attacking team has nothing to say. Eli Manning kept to the others to refresh the sacks record, the line is even worse than the trash, Brandon Marshall has even the old ball not to live. I think it is time for a change, I thought the New York giants or the two beat the Patriots won the New York giants, didn’t think I was wrong, I was wrong too thoroughly, I came here only once in the playoffs. Unexpectedly, Anthony, the old man, betrayed the revolution, betrayed New York, betrayed a lot of money, it was time to make some changes. Hello, please contact me immediately to the broker, patriot, Falcon what team of, yes, I play with this person mainly for the brothers, I have a summer training with Julio Brady, I want to play football brothers. What? The Patriots say my salary gives them a headache I tell you, money is not a problem, salary this kind of thing can drop down, play ball, the most important is happy.”

After all, as a super star, and only after that, the championship is as a player really want to pursue things, of course nfl jerseys online sale , the brotherhood is also a very important link.

NFL has created numerous records, known in the history of one of the best military rushed Dezhou superstar JJ- Watt probably also deeply infected, after all, in Houston, it cannot avoid the City brothers team Houston rockets in the offseason to come up with a big push to break. Anthony was hard to chase, but the Rockets got at least Chris – Paul. JJ- Watt saw this posture, look at yourself behind Tom Savage and DeShawn Watson, look, think again once, Blaine Wheeler Oswald Hoyle et al control shadow, JJ- Watt shivered, and in the American League Division, Watt and the people of Dezhou is always get rid of the new England patriots rule over the past year, the people of Dezhou for two times by the Patriot beaten united in the semi-final, the patriot is made after the direct killing of the people of Dezhou, think of the next but also against the Patriots, Watt’s heart had an idea.

“If you don’t want to be so dead, you have to change a life. I think the Patriots can’t play at one thirty, but the people in Dezhou may not be able to win the championship now when I retire. I think joining patriots is a good choice. Anyway, Durant has set this precedent. I’ll try it on. Come on, patriots, pay a cut. Let me have a good time!”

Of course, also live in the shadow of the Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers and active NFL first run Weile viand – Baer, Baer in the offseason with the Pittsburgh Steelers dallying is not clear their own requirements, nor with the Pittsburgh Steelers renewal appearance is similar to the story is not seen in the NBA jerseys china? The Steelers even opened up to Baer’s $12 million contract, but Baer is not willing to renew to know that last year the Steelers, American League finals, the Patriots also beat Pittsburgh Steelers, Baer was injured in the game to leave.

Can be said that the Celtics are unable to shake James’s decision by the warriors beat the reason is Durant began to the enemy. While this may not shake the Patriots, let Baer have decided that if the Steelers cannot solve the contract with Baer, then the next offseason Baer will become the free player, he will make a decision.

“I will put my talents to new England, I want to get more united and Brady one or two champions, we must create a dynasty. Then I finally want to say that I’ll sign 2 million contracts with the Patriots for 2 years. I don’t want to influence the stability of the team because of my salary. We want to win the championship.”

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